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Cybersecurity Expert 'Offered $10 Million' to Stop Talking about Election Fraud

Jovan Pulitzer testified alleging voter fraud in 2020 presidential election

 on 12th April 2021 @ 1.00pm
jovan pulitzer says he was  offered  10 million  to stop talking about voter fraud © press
Jovan Pulitzer says he was 'offered $10 million' to stop talking about voter fraud

A leading cybersecurity expert, who testified to allege that voter fraud occurred in the 2020 presidential election, claims he was "offered $10 million" to stop making the allegations.

Jovan Pulitzer, an award-winning inventor, made headlines late last year for testifying before state legislatures about voter fraud.

After making allegations that Democrats used fraudulent means to beat President Trump in the election, he was promptly smeared by the media.

When the attempts to discredit him failed to deter him, Pulitzer claims his opponents tried a different tactic.

"So you know how bad this is, and I’m going to give you a nugget that nobody outside of my inner circle knows this,” he said during a recent interview with David K. Clements.

"I got offered $10 million dollars to not do this.

jovan pulitzer testified on behalf of president trump s legal team  led by rudy giuliani © press
Jovan Pulitzer testified on behalf of President Trump's legal team, led by Rudy Giuliani reports: After a brief pause to allow the bombshell to sink in, he continued.

"I have no price. It can’t be done. This is about America," he continued.

"There isn’t enough money in America to turn us communist and to sell out America.

"I’ll take a bullet to the head. And, maybe that’s what’s waiting for me.”


Pulitzer’s rise to fame during the aftermath of the 2020 election was not his first, according got NOQ Report.

He has been in and out of public life for the better part of three decades with inventions and patents that have helped shape the world we live in today.

Along the way, he’s made a splash in the worlds of technology and media, but one can argue his most noteworthy contribution to the world is his effort to dispute the 2020 election.

 i got offered  10 million dollars to not do this   jovan pulitzer claims © press
'I got offered $10 million dollars to not do this,' Jovan Pulitzer claims

Various attempts to perform audits, for which his machines may be used, are starting to gain traction across the country.

However, the Constitution does not offer a direct remedy for a situation in which a presidential election is deemed fraudulent after the fact.

The Supreme Court may use its wide powers to fix things, but that seems very unlikely, even with a “conservative” lean in five of the nine justices.

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