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Hunter Biden Indulged in 'Drug & Prostitute Binge' While Guarded by Secret Service

American taxpayers footed the bill for Biden's depravity

 on 10th April 2021 @ 2.00pm
hunter stayed in west hollywood s jeremy hotel for seven days  ordering room service each night © press
Hunter stayed in West Hollywood's Jeremy Hotel for seven days 'ordering room service each night'

Joe Biden's son, Hunter Biden, indulged in “a week-long drug and prostitute binge in a Hollywood hotel” while guarded by Secret Service at the expense of the American taxpayer.

The Daily Mail published screenshots from an independently authenticated infamous laptop, which the media have largely denied.

According to a bill from 2018, Hunter stayed in West Hollywood's Jeremy Hotel for seven days “ordering room service each night, drinking at the hotel bar, and racking up a $5,195 bill – including a $400 fine for smoking in his room."

He also sought refilled prescription drugs of stimulant Viagra, anxiety-reducing Clonazepam, and antidepressant Lexapro, the report reveals.

“H[unter], I’m in the lobby come down. Thanks,” an agent reportedly says.

“5 minutes," Hunter responds.

hunter also sought refilled prescription drugs of stimulant viagra  anxiety reducing clonazepam  and antidepressant lexapro © press
Hunter also sought refilled prescription drugs of stimulant Viagra, anxiety-reducing Clonazepam, and antidepressant Lexapro

“Come on H this is linked to Celtic’s account. DC is calling me every 10 minutes. Let me up or come down. I can’t help you if you don’t let me H,” the text message read from the officer.

“Celtic’s account” is “an apparent code name for a senior politician under protection," according to the Daily Mail.

Hunter replies again, saying, “I promise. Be right down, sorry.”

But Hunter failed to come down to the lobby.

“Dales here. He a going to front desk call and tell them to give us a key now H," another demand came of Hunter.

"As your friend we need to resolve this in the immediate."

"Call the front desk now H or I will have to assume you are in danger and we will have to make them give us keys."

Hunter replied:

“Really I am coming down right now. I really promise."

"Was in bathroom buddy. Coming right this second.”

Despite Hunter's promises, he still doesn't come down.

“We’re at the door. Open it,” the text from the alleged agent says.

earlier this month  hunter admitted in a new interview that the  laptop from hell  could  absolutely  belong to him © press
Earlier this month, Hunter admitted in a new interview that the 'Laptop from Hell' could 'absolutely' belong to him

Due to the fact that Joe Biden lost his Secret Service protection after his vice-presidency, the question was why did Hunter have such protection in 2018.

The Daily Mail also reported:

“Press releases by a private security firm published a week after the text exchange with Hunter, announced the agent left the Secret Service after a 25-year career and joined the firm as CEO.”

Earlier this month, Hunter admitted in a new interview that the "Laptop from Hell" could "absolutely" belong to him.

He replied “absolutely” when asked if it could have belonged to him — although he admitted he “did not know.”

“I really don’t know what the answer is, that’s the truthful answer,” he continued when asked “yes or no” if the laptop was his, adding, “I have no idea.”

"Certainly, there could be a laptop out there that was stolen from me,” he continued.

"It could be that I was hacked, it could be that it was Russian intelligence."

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