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Biden Admits He Has NOT Confronted Communist China Over Pandemic, Human Rights Abuses

Last year, Biden vowed to challenge leader Xi Jinping over COVID cover-up - he hasn't

 on 8th April 2021 @ 12.00am
joe biden hasn t confronted xi jinping on china s human rights abuses or the pandemic cover up © press
Joe Biden hasn't confronted Xi Jinping on China's human rights abuses or the pandemic cover-up

Democrat Joe Biden has admitted that he hasn't confronted Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leader Xi Jinping on China's cover-up of the coronavirus pandemic, or the country's ongoing human rights abuses.

In the run-up to the election, Biden vowed that he would confront the CCP leadership for covering up the initial outbreak in the early days of the pandemic.

Just one year ago, Biden promised:

"What I would do, if I were president now, I would not be taking China's word for it.

"I would insist that China allow our scientists in to make a hard determination of how [the coronavirus] started, where it's from, and how far along it is.

"Because that is not happening now."

china covered up the coronavirus in the early days of the pandemic © press
China covered up the coronavirus in the early days of the pandemic

Despite his bold promise before the election, however, Biden admitted on Tuesday that he has not confronted Chinese President Xi Jinping about any of China’s lies during the pandemic.



In December, then-Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe said that the Chinese Communist Party, when they knew about the coronavirus’s transmissibility, “allowed it to go from China to the rest of the world.”

"They intentionally and deliberately downplayed it in their country, pressured World Health Organizations, and allowed it to spread to the rest of the world,” Ratcliffe added.

"And that didn’t just have the effect of wrecking the global economy.

"It didn’t just have the effect of killing millions of people, including hundreds of thousands of Americans. It also had grave political consequences.”

Elsewhere on Tuesday, the Biden administration also stated that their position on the upcoming 2022 Olympics in Beijing “has not changed” and they have not discussed any boycotts, despite China's globally-condemned human rights abuses.

China operates concentration camps for Muslimstortures Christians, engages in forced organ harvesting, and steals American intellectual property.

The State Department issued a statement saying it was not considering a boycott after spokesman Ned Price suggested earlier in the day that one was possible in response to China’s human rights abuses.

“Our position on the 2022 Olympics has not changed,” a senior State Department official told CNBC.

“We have not discussed and are not discussing any joint boycott with allies and partners.”

A former senior Treasury official told CNBC that boycotting the Olympics would be seen as a “Cold War statement” and that “it’s better to go there and dominate.”

“It’s better to be Jesse Owens than the Soviets in ’84,” the official added.

china is sending muslims to concentration camps  yet joe biden is silent © press
China is sending Muslims to concentration camps, yet Joe Biden is silent

Biden is likely to face intense backlash if he does not at least seriously consider boycotting the Beijing Olympics after he threw his support last week behind Major League Baseball withdrawing their All Star Game from Atlanta over a new election law, which he has repeatedly lied about. 

Atlanta potentially lost more than $100 million in revenue.

The new host city, Denver, is also less racially diverse than Atlanta, which is relevant because the Left pushed for MLB to ditch Atlanta over a law they claimed intended to suppress the minority vote.

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