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CNN's Don Lemon Claims Trump ‘Canceled’ by Voters: ‘King of Cancel Culture’

Leftist anchor weighs in on the new Georgia voting law

 on 7th April 2021 @ 2.00pm
 the king of cancel culture can add that to his list  okay   lemon said of trump © press
'The king of cancel culture can add that to his list, okay?' Lemon said of Trump

CNN host Don Lemon falsey claimed that President Donald Trump was the “king of cancel culture” because he was canceled by voters.

While discussing the new Georgia voting law, Lemon said:

“The former president, you know, you knew he would get in the middle of this, didn’t you?"

"Putting out a statement complaining about woke cancel culture in all caps."

"In case you might have missed it, and our sacred elections, and another calling for a boycott of baseball and what he calls all of the woke companies that are interfering with free and fair elections," he added.

"Are you listening, Coke, Delta, and all? Boohoo cancel culture.”

 because there is coke  there   s delta  there is major league baseball  there is more from the king of cancel culture © press
'Because there is Coke, there’s Delta. There is Major League Baseball. There is more from the king of cancel culture'

He continued:

“Okay. Again, you’ve got to watch this because this is from the king, as we say, the ‘kang’ where I’m from, of cancel culture."

"Calling for Democrats calling for boycotts of companies that offend them.

"I give you the king of cancel culture who got it in another dig at Major League Baseball today. Here it is.”

Trump recently called for a boycott of Major League Baseball after the MLB caved to "radical left Democrats."

On Friday, the league bowed down to leftist pressure and canceled the upcoming All-Star Game due to take place in Atlanta, Georgia.

MLB pulled the game after Georgia recently passed voting integrity laws to tighten election security in the state.

“Baseball is already losing tremendous numbers of fans, and now they leave Atlanta with their All-Star Game because they are afraid of the Radical Left Democrats who do not want voter I.D., which is desperately needed, to have anything to do with our elections,” Trump said in a statement.

“You know, look, I’m just not very interested in baseball for the last number of years.

"I think it’s not appropriate."

trump recently called for a boycott of major league baseball after the mlb © press
Trump recently called for a boycott of Major League Baseball after the MLB

"You know, you look — you want to find a game, it’s on every channel, and yet you can’t find anything," he added.

"The weirdest thing. It used to be a nice, easy thing to follow.

"You know what I mean by that.

"It was on one network, and it was nice and good and beautiful.

"Today you don’t even know what the hell you are watching.

"So I would say boycott baseball. Why not?”

Lemon said:

“The king of cancel culture can add that to his list, okay?"

"Because there is Coke, there’s Delta.

"There is Major League Baseball.

"There is more from the king of cancel culture."

"There is Rolling Stone. There is — I mean, there is too much.

"I can’t even fit it on the screen. There is HBO. There is Apple. There’s Macy’s, Univision, Fox News, AT&T, the NFL, there is Harley-Davidson, there is Nike, Starbucks, Goodyear, Comcast, T-Mobile, Geico, Oreo, Mexico, The Wall Street Journal editorial board, NBC, even Glenfiddich Whisky.”

He added:

“Who was canceled?

"Not by cancel culture, but by what?

"The voters.

"The hypocrisy and the double-speak and the shiny objects and the lying continues.”

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