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Black Americans Debunk Democrat Claim that Voter ID Is 'Racist' - WATCH

People left stunned by 'ignorant' leftist talking point about voter ID requirements

 on 3rd April 2021 @ 6.00pm
black americans were stunned to hear why the left claims voter id is  racist © press
Black Americans were stunned to hear why the Left claims voter ID is 'racist'

As the Left pushes misleading claims about voter ID laws being "racist," black Americans were stunned to hear talking points being pushed by Democrats to support the narrative.

Democrats are continuing to push back against Republican efforts to tighten election security by requiring voters to produce identification before submitting their ballots.

For years, the Left has been claiming that voter ID laws are racist by alleging that black Americans lack access to the Internet, are unable to contact the DMV, and have a general lack of knowledge about how to obtain identification.

These claims have recently been renewed in the wake of Georgia passing new voter integrity laws to tighten the security of future elections.

However, on-the-street reporting from 2016 by Ami Horowitz has again become relevant.

Horowitz took to the streets of Berkeley, California, to ask white liberals about their views on voter ID, and, unsurprisingly they all parroted the same talking points by claiming the requirement was racist.

people described democrats   racist  claims as  ignorant  and  stupidity © press
People described Democrats' 'racist' claims as 'ignorant' and 'stupidity'

“These type of people don’t live in areas with easy access to DMVs and other places where they can get identification,” one man argued.

A female said, “For most of the communities, they don’t really know what is out there, just because they’re not aware, or they’re not informed.”

Another woman said it was racist that convicted felons are not allowed to vote, suggesting most convicted felons are black.

“If when we look at a swing state like Florida, that’s a huge population of the African-Americans,” she said.

But when Horowitz asked black Americans in Harlem, NY, about voter ID and presented white liberals’ arguments against voter ID laws, their answers were vastly different.

“Everybody I know has ID,” one man said.

A younger male said he of course had ID, as do all of his friends.

He later laughed at Horowitz when the reporter told him liberals argue that black people don’t have access to the Internet.

“That’s just stupidity,” he said.

“Everybody has access to the Internet, even a little kid can figure out how to work the Internet.”

Another woman said she doesn’t know any black adult who does not have state identification, when asked by Horowitz.

“Is it a weird thing to even say that?” asked the reporter.

“Yes, it is,” she answered.

“Is this some trick, candid camera thing?” one man asked Horowitz, as he and a woman pulled out their state IDs.

When Horowitz asked if black people know where the DMV is and how to get there, two men looked at the reporter in disbelief and gave him the street name of their local DMV.

Another woman laughed too, saying she knew where the DMV was and could get there if she needed to.

“I’ve had access to the Internet for years,” an insulted woman told Horowitz.

“I [use] it at work! Of course I know how to use it.

"My kids know how to use it, they all have iPhones, iPads, whatever.”

“What does that say to you for people that have this perception of black people?” Horowitz asked.

“They’re pretty much ignorant,” one man said.

people were shocked to hear what white liberals believe about black americans © press
People were shocked to hear what white liberals believe about black Americans

Another woman similarly said, “I just think that’s ignorant.”

"Ignorant, very, very ignorant,” answered another female.

"What people are they talking to?

"Who are these people talking to?”

"I think it is a little racist because you’re putting people in a category and you have no idea what you’re talking about,” another person said.

“Maybe a little bit of racism in it, but like I said, I think it’s more stupidity,” one man told Horowitz.


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