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NRA Memberships Soar as Americans Reject Democrats' Anti-Gun Agenda

Joe Biden and Dems are pushing efforts to restrict Second Amendment - patriots rise up

 on 29th March 2021 @ 1.00pm
patriots are rejecting the democrats  anti second amendment agenda © press
Patriots are rejecting the Democrats' anti-Second Amendment agenda

As Democrats and Joe Biden's administration continue to push their radical anti-Second Amendment agenda through gun control policies, American patriots are rising up and rejecting the efforts.

Gun rights advocacy group, the National Rifle Association of America (NRA), is reporting that memberships are soaring.

Speaking during an interview on Sunday, the NRA’s Andrew Arulanandam indicated the civil rights organization has been “gaining 1,000 new members a day since January, from online signups alone.”

Arulanandam told Breitbart that the rush of sign-ups coincides with Joe Biden being sworn into office and the following gun control measures being pursued by the Democratic Party.

He noted that citizens are realizing that their constitutional rights are now being threatened.

“Gun owners realize the threat our Second Amendment and our self-defense laws are facing with a hostile President and Congress,” Arulanandam said.

joe biden and democrats are pushing their anti gun agenda © press
Joe Biden and Democrats are pushing their anti-gun agenda

Last week, a Rasmussen Reports poll revealed that 51 percent of likely voters do not believe stricter gun control would have prevented the shooting in Boulder, Colorado, on March 22, 2021.

The vast majority of likely voters — 64 percent — made clear their belief that there is no way to “completely prevent” attacks such as the one in Boulder last week and in the Atlanta-area the week prior.

When asked if the United States needs more gun control in general, 49 percent of likely voters said “No” versus 46 percent said “Yes.”

However, looking at party affiliation, 71 percent of Republicans said no more gun control was needed versus 77 percent of Democrats who said it was.

As Neon Nettle reported over the weekend, Joe Biden's administration is now pressuring the United States Supreme Court to allow law enforcement to enter the homes of American citizens and confiscate their firearms, without a warrant.

the biden admin is pressuring the supreme court to allow police to enter homes and seize guns © press
The Biden admin is pressuring the Supreme Court to allow police to enter homes and seize guns

The Biden admin reportedly pressed the SCOTUS to uphold a warrantless gun confiscation when America’s top court heard oral arguments in Caniglia v. Strom earlier this week.

The case started after a 2015 incident when Edward Caniglia, 68, got into an argument with his wife, Kim, which ultimately ended up with authorities seizing his firearms.

After fighting, Kim went and stayed at a hotel and later contacted law enforcement.

She told the police that she feared her husband might hurt himself.

Edward did not have any history of self-harm or a criminal record.

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