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Biden Caught Using 'Cheat Sheets' During Disturbing First Press Conference

Democrat appeared confused while mumbling and walking away from podium

 on 26th March 2021 @ 5.00pm
joe biden appeared confused during the press conference and was pictured using  cheat sheets © press
Joe Biden appeared confused during the press conference and was pictured using 'cheat sheets'

Democrat Joe Biden was caught using "cheat sheets" during his first formal press conference, where he appeared confused and incoherent.

Images emerged from the Thursday presser that show Biden was referencing "cheat sheets" detailing key policy points as he took questions.

Photos taken at the event showed Biden holding a card with key statistics and talking points labeled "infrastructure," with one bullet point noting that "China spends 3 times more on infrastructure than U.S."

He was also pictured holding another card listing the identities of attending journalists, including names, photos, and other notes.

Biden was seen repeatedly consulting the journalist sheet.

Some of the pictured reporters had a circled number next to their images that appeared to reference their seat number.

joe biden was pictured using  cheat sheets  throughout the worrying press conference © press
Joe Biden was pictured using 'cheat sheets' throughout the worrying press conference

Just 25 reporters were permitted to attend the press conference.

Biden took a limited number of questions from a list of pre-selected reporters before leaving the podium.

However, his behavior during the conference has raised yet more concerns about his mental fitness.

At one point, Biden completely forgot what he was talking about and mumbled incoherently at the camera.

As he finished answering a question about the filibuster, Biden appeared to trail off-thought, ending with a pause, concluding "anyway."

"...If you hold near and dear to you that you uh um like to be able to um...." Biden said, before concluding "anyway."

Biden then closed his eyes and appeared to struggle to form the next sentence.

However, after seconds of confusion, he quickly told reassured viewers "we're ready to get a lot done."


Elsewhere, he walked away from the podium mid-question and started mumbling off-mic.

He then appeared to call out a name from a list of White House reporters who were quizzing him.

at one point  biden walked away from the podium and started mumbling off mic © press
At one point, Biden walked away from the podium and started mumbling off-mic

Going back to his cheat sheet at a later point of the conference, Biden asked "where am I?" before asking CNN's Kaitlan Collins for another question.

Minutes later, Biden told reporters "folks, I'm going," as he finally exited the stage.

He answered a total of ten questions from the 25 reporters in the room.

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