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Ohio School District Spends $134,000 Taxpayer Funds on Gender Neutral Bathroom Permit

Public school officials spend tens of thousands on legal fees

 on 23rd March 2021 @ 5.00pm
upper arlington school district spent  134 000 on gender neutral bathroom permits © press
Upper Arlington School District spent $134,000 on gender neutral bathroom permits

An Ohio public school district has spent $134,000 in taxpayer funds to obtain a permit for converting all children's bathrooms into gender-neutral facilities.

The Upper Arlington School District, in the suburbs of Columbus, Ohio, spent the money on legal fees to acquire the permit to install only gender-neutral bathrooms in six of its rebuilt schools, violating state code in the process.

In late 2017, the district successfully passed a $230 million tax to rebuild Upper Arlington High School and five elementary schools.

Construction on five of the six schools, including the high school, began in 2019.

However, despite the Ohio Building Code mandating that any facility with “plumbing fixtures” requires separate accommodations for each sex, the school board and Superintendent installed only gender-neutral bathrooms in the new buildings.

The move has been hit with a severe backlash from concerned parents.

the district s gender neutral push violates state code © press
The district's gender neutral push violates state code

The Upper Arlington Education Coalition — a concerned parents organization — has spearheaded the efforts to reinstitute single-sex bathrooms alongside the existing gender-neutral bathrooms, according to The Daily Wire.

According to Cathy Pultz, who runs the parent coalition and has served on the Parent-Teacher Organization for 15 years, the school district never informed parents about the gender-neutral bathroom facilities until the fall of 2020. 

The school district denies that it hid the decision-making process from the public.

Pultz told The Daily Wire that she spoke with the Superintendent, who said the board voted in favor of an architectural design that had gender-neutral bathrooms. 

Public permit records of the proposed building design submitted to the state show multiple bathrooms designated as “men’s” and “women’s” facilities. 

“I was shocked because that was not in the plans,” Pultz told The Daily Wire.

“I called the Superintendent, Paul Imhoff, to find out when the school board voted on this style of bathroom.

"He told me that the Board voted on the plans as a whole, not specifically the bathrooms.” 

In June 2020, the Upper Arlington School District went to the Board of Building Appeals to apply for a variance that would approve only gender-neutral bathrooms at Windermere Elementary School.

The board denied the district a variance to install the restrooms, citing existing building codes. 

Ohio’s building code also requires that public facilities provide signs that “designate the sex” of bathroom users.

“Signs shall be readily visible and located near the entrance to each toilet facility,” the code reads. 

The school district appealed to a local court and a judge ruled that the school district could move forward with its plan to install gender-neutral restrooms in all six buildings.

According to the school’s Treasurer, as of February 4, 2021, the district has paid $134,925 in legal fees to procure permits for the gender-neutral restrooms. 

Following the judge’s ruling, a family who remains anonymous in court filings opted to sue the school district and the city for allegedly flouting state building codes. 

Parents in the Columbus suburb created a petition calling on the district to comply with the original school layout and state code.

The petition has garnered more than 700 signatures. 

“We the undersigned demand that the Upper Arlington School Board re-label the bathrooms, in all new and renovated buildings, according to the Architectural plans approved by the [Upper Arlington] School Board and the Ohio Building Code,” the petition reads.

“We support bathroom choices where ALL children feel safe and comfortable.

"We demand that all the bathrooms close to academic classrooms be labeled: Gender Neutral Bathrooms, Boy’s Bathrooms, & Girl’s Bathrooms.”

The school district claims that buildings will still have separate restrooms for boys and girls.

Karen Truett, a communications director for the district, told This Week that the proportion of gender-neutral bathrooms to single-sex bathrooms “varies by building, but all the schools will have separate boys and girls restrooms available.”

the move has prompted a backlash from concerned parents © press
The move has prompted a backlash from concerned parents

Pultz said that the school’s claims that boy’s and girl’s bathrooms still exist are “misleading and disingenuous” because a single-sex restroom may not be accessible to students in the allotted time between classes. 

"It’s misleading and disingenuous when they say there are boys and girls bathrooms,” Pultz said.

"If you’re at Greensview [Elementary School], it would take 20 minutes for a young child to go from [one] side of the building to the boys and girls restrooms.

"If you’re on the third floor of the high school, you can’t go by the gym where the boys and girls restrooms are in five minutes between classes.”

Colleen Wright, a communications coordinator for the school district told The Daily Wire that the primary reason the School Board chose to create gender-neutral restrooms was to “supervise students and minimize the risk of teasing and even bullying.” 

“When we have students who are questioning their assigned gender or sex or who identify differently than their assigned gender or sex, they are able to use the restroom without added stress for themselves or their classmates,” Wright said.

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