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Most Britons Want Harry & Meghan Stripped of Titles, Polls Shows

Sussex's accused of damaging the reputation of British Royal Family

 on 10th March 2021 @ 12.00pm
prince harry and meghan markle are facing an huge backlash over their oprah winfrey interview © press
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are facing an huge backlash over their Oprah Winfrey interview

Most Britons want Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to be stripped of their official titles by the British Royal Family, a new poll has revealed.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex and have been hit with an explosive response to their bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Most of the British public believes the couple was wrong to give the interview, which has sent shockwaves across the Atlantic.

Now calls are being made to strip the pair of their royal titles over allegations they have let down the Queen, and the British people.

The new survey was conducted after the Oprah interview was watched by millions when it was aired by UK broadcaster ITV on Monday.

The poll reveals the reputation of the monarchy has been damaged, with even the Queen's personal popularity taking a hit – though not as much as that of her grandson Harry and his father Prince Charles.

most britons believe meghan markle s claims have damaged the queen © press
Most Britons believe Meghan Markle's claims have damaged the Queen

But asked about the couple's incendiary accusations of racism within the Royal Family, more people disbelieved Meghan's claims than believed her, according to the poll.

She is now the least popular royal after Prince Andrew.

Most people felt Harry and Meghan prioritized media attention over service and duty, according to the findings of the online poll commissioned by the Daily Mail.

The results reveal a split between older and younger Britons – with the latter often more willing to accept Harry and Meghan's claims.

While overall only one in three thought the interview was the right thing to do, this rose to half among 18 to 44-year-olds.

And asked if they generally believed Harry and Meghan, or the Queen and Royal Family, 52 percent of younger people chose the Sussexes.

Among those aged 45 and over, 50 percent said the Queen and her family were more to be believed.

Across all ages, once the "don't know" answers were taken into account, more believed the Queen.

All ages agreed that both sides should now bury the hatchet and stop fighting.

On the question of why Harry and Meghan moved to America, the largest proportion said: "They wanted the perks of royal life but not the responsibilities."

With the Duke of Edinburgh recovering from heart surgery in hospital, a majority (54 percent) said the couple had chosen "the wrong time" to do the interview.

The public did not support the Sussexes' claim they had received negative media coverage from their wedding day to their departure last year.

It found 35 percent said it was about right, with 8 percent finding the coverage too favorable.

Only 36 percent found it unfavorable.

Asked to tick a selection of emotions, respondents' most common feelings about the interview were "disappointment" (41 percent) and "anger" (25 percent).

The survey of more than 1,000 adults conducted by pollsters JL Partners lays bare the damage caused by the bombshell interview. 

Of those who knew about its contents, one in three said their view of the monarchy had worsened – although an even greater proportion said their view of Harry and Meghan had got worse.

More than half of those aged over 45 said their opinion of the couple had gone down.

With the exceptions of the Duke of Edinburgh, the Duchess of Cornwall, and the Princess Royal, all senior members of the family have suffered a dip in personal popularity.

The Queen still commands a 64 percent net positive rating, but it is 2 percentage points down since January last year.

Harry's net popularity has dived 15 points, Charles's 13 points, and Meghan's 6 points.

Almost half of the respondents gave her a negative rating.

most britons do not believes the claims made by meghan markle © press
Most Britons do not believes the claims made by Meghan Markle

The poll results show the public does not believe the Royal Family or the country to have been racist to Meghan.

Asked if she was a victim of racism within the family, 41 percent said they did not believe it, compared with 34 percent who did.

On whether the country had been racist towards her, 44 percent said they did not believe this and 37 percent said they did. 

But again, among younger respondents and those from black and minority ethnic groups, more than half sided with Meghan. 

Overall, only 14 percent thought she came across "very well."

Among older people, the greatest proportion (39 percent) thought Harry and Meghan were not telling the truth.

But 59 percent of younger people thought that they were.

Most people (57 percent) thought the couple's interview had damaged the monarchy, with 54 percent saying the Queen had been let down.

People of all ages said UK taxpayers should not fund the Sussexes' security abroad.

Almost half (49 percent) said the couple had treated the Queen "shoddily" and Harry should relinquish his rights of accession to the throne.

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