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YouTube Blacklists Trump's CPAC Speech, Bans Channels that Covered It

Right Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN) receives 2 week block from Google-owned platform

 on 5th March 2021 @ 7.00pm
president trump blasted big tech censorship during his recent cpac speech © press
President Trump blasted Big Tech censorship during his recent CPAC speech

Big Tech streaming giant YouTube has blacklisted video of President Donald Trump's epic comeback speech at this year's CPAC from its platform, according to reports.

The Google-owned service is also banning channels that covered Trump's speech, with conservative broadcaster The Right Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN) reportedly receiving a two-week suspension for uploading video from the event.

RSBN's video of Trump's speech had almost accumulated 4 million views before being censored by the left-wing platform.

The news network revealed the suspension on its official Twitter account:

“RSBN has been suspended from YouTube for two weeks because of the Trump #CPAC2021 speech, which violated their guidelines on election misinformation.

"The video was approaching 4 million views."

rsbn received a two week suspension over its coverage of cpac 2021 © press
RSBN received a two-week suspension over its coverage of CPAC 2021

"They have also removed it from their platform,” RSBN added.

RSBN said that it could have avoided a two-week suspension had it added “countervailing viewpoints” to President Trump’s claims about election irregularities.

In other words, it was only permissible to upload Trump’s speech if RSBN also criticized it.

“It’s worth noting that according to YouTube’s terms, our video of Trump’s CPAC speech would have been allowed to stay up had we provided 'countervailing viewpoints'," said RSBN in a statement.

“Essentially we would have had to go on air and say everything Trump just said about election fraud is not true.”

“We won’t censor President Trump or push back against things he says that, quite frankly, we agree with.”

YouTube admitted that it censored RSBN over the video of Trump in a comment to Breitbart News.

rsbn says it would only be allowed to keep the trump video if it also criticized it © press
RSBN says it would only be allowed to keep the Trump video if it also criticized it

"We enforce our Community Guidelines consistently, regardless of speaker or political leaning,” a YouTube spokeswoman told Breitbart.

"In accordance with our established presidential election integrity policy, which prohibits content uploaded after the safe-harbor deadline claiming widespread fraud changed the outcome of the 2020 U.S. presidential election, we removed this video from Right Side Broadcasting Network.

“Content featuring footage from CPAC 2021 that does not violate our policies or contains sufficient educational, documentary, scientific and artistic context is allowed.”

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