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Biden’s HHS Nominee Wants Taxpayer-Funded Healthcare for Illegal Aliens

House & Senate Republicans call on Biden to withdraw Xavier Becerra nomination

 on 24th February 2021 @ 1.00pm
republicans warn xavier becerra wants to roll out the red carpet for illegal aliens © press
Republicans warn Xavier Becerra wants to roll out the red carpet for illegal aliens

Joe Biden's nominee for Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary wants to give taxpayer-funded healthcare benefits to illegal aliens, Republicans are warning.

A group of House and Senate GOP is asking Biden to withdraw his nomination for California Attorney General Xavier Becerra (D) to lead HHS.

In the letter to Biden, the group cites Becerra's support for giving tax-dollar handouts to people who have entered the country illegally.

11 Senate Republicans and 64 House Republicans — led by Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) and Rep. Dan Bishop (R-NC) — are calling on Biden to rescind Becerra’s nomination to lead HHS.

The group accuses Becerra of seeking to roll out the red carpet for illegals and notes his “embrace of radical policies on immigration,” among other issues.

“Mr. Becerra seeks to decriminalize illegal immigration, which would extend expensive government benefits like Medicaid to anyone who illegally crosses our borders,” the letter reads.

 becerra seeks to decriminalize illegal immigration   republicans warn
'Becerra seeks to decriminalize illegal immigration,' Republicans warn

Signatories include Sens. Tom Cotton (R-AR), John Kennedy (R-LA), Ted Cruz (R-TX), Mike Rounds (R-SD), James Lankford (R-OK), Steve Daines (R-MT), Roger Wicker (R-MS), Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), Bill Haggerty (R-TN), James Risch (R-ID), and Mike Lee (R-UT), according to Breitbart.

House Republicans like Reps. Dan Bishop (R-NC), Mo Brooks (R-AL), Barry Moore (R-AL), Paul Gosar (R-AZ), Bob Good (R-VA), Jim Banks (R-IN), Ashley Hinson (R-IA), Andy Biggs (R-AZ), Chip Roy (R-TX), and Lauren Boebert (R-CO) also signed the letter.

The full letter can be read HERE.

At a Senate confirmation hearing on Tuesday, none of the committee’s 22 Senators asked Becerra about his reported support for providing taxpayer-funded healthcare benefits to the roughly 11 to 22 million illegal aliens in the United States, even as at least 30 million Americans are uninsured.

In a report this week, Becerra’s colleagues said he is potentially interested in pursuing policies as HHS Secretary that would expand taxpayer-funded healthcare benefits to illegal aliens.

“… Becerra has repeatedly advocated for undocumented immigrants to have more access to health care and other government benefits, whether through Medicaid or Obamacare,” Politico reported.

Former Rep. Charles Gonzalez (D-TX) told Politico that Becerra has “exceedingly deep convictions about the need” to provide taxpayer-funded healthcare benefits to illegal aliens.

the group of gop is calling on biden to rescind his nomination of xavier becerra © press
The group of GOP is calling on Biden to rescind his nomination of Xavier Becerra

Such a plan could cost Americans anywhere from $23 billion to $66 billion annually.

Medical experts, when the policy was first proposed by the majority of Democrats running for the presidential nomination in 2019, have admitted that providing taxpayer-funded healthcare benefits to illegal aliens would likely drive a never-ending migration flow of foreign nationals with “serious health problems” to the U.S.

Becerra was one of President Donald Trump’s most vocal critics, filing more than 100 lawsuits against the administration and challenging its regulations on health, reproductive rights, immigration, consumer rights, and more.

He led several states in defending the Affordable Care Act in court after the Trump administration refused to do so.

That case, filed by Republican attorneys general who are trying to overturn the healthcare law, is still pending before the Supreme Court.

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