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CNN's Cuomo Roasted After Claiming 500,000 COVID Deaths Due to 'Denying Reality'

Chris Cuomo takes moral high ground despite brother's criminal investigation

 on 23rd February 2021 @ 4.00pm
 misinformation has been a killer   chris cuomo claimed © press
'Misinformation has been a killer,' Chris Cuomo claimed

CNN’s Chris Cuomo has taken the moral high ground once again, claiming the 500,000 COVID-19 deaths “came because of how we denied the reality in this country."

Cuomo, who seemed oblivious to the fact that his brother, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, is currently under official criminal investigation for covering-up nursing home deaths in his state, also blamed “misinformation" on the deaths.

“Misinformation has been a killer, and it has been a reality that was scripted to suit political interests," he said.

Cuomo added:

“We pay attention. We show respect. We certainly know better than to ignore their pain."

"But then you look at what we’ve done altogether, and that is what we’ve done, haven’t we?"

cuomo seemed oblivious to the fact that his brother and new york governor andrew cuomo is currently under official criminal investigation © press
Cuomo seemed oblivious to the fact that his Brother and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is currently under official criminal investigation

"Half a million are gone. And many were not inevitable," Cuomo continued.

"These deaths came because of how we denied the reality in this country.”


He later added that the death toll “has gotten this bad because too many were in denial, and yes, because we had a president that played to that because he thought it worked for him, and so did his party."

 And yes, the media, too. We haven’t always played up the death count with the urgency that we did in the beginning."

"Why? Because it seemed to fall on deaf ears," he added.

"Me included, and it was wrong. But tonight, we do what is right. Do you know that we’ve never once stopped to honor the dead?"

"We have never once come together as a nation to mourn. Because we have never really wanted to own the reality.”

Cuomo continued:

“I think it’s just part of the job that we do here to not let anyone forget how and why we got here. One year ago this week, then-sitting President Trump told us COVID cases would go from 15 down to zero."

"He told us this would all magically disappear."

"We suspected he was lying. We knew he was ignorant.

"And soon thereafter, we would confirm our suspicions that he was dead wrong."

"But we really never grasped that we were not just making ourselves sick, but that we were killing ourselves, and that president wasn’t going to tell anyone any different," he added.

"Like President Biden said tonight, misinformation has been a killer, and it has been a reality that was scripted to suit political interests.”

twitter roasted cuomo after his condisending  statements © press
Twitter roasted Cuomo after his condisending statements

But some on Twitter were not buying Cuomo's statements.

One User wrote:

"Exactly!! Starting with your older brother!!"

Another wrote:

"And your brother was covering it all up Fredo..."

Another wrote:

"How can this guy sit in TV, lecture about corona? While his brother pulled one of the all time suck bag moves with corona."

Another asked:

"What is the number of people your brother killed?"

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