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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Announces Major Crackdown on Big Tech

Ambitious move to fight against tech giants

 on 2nd February 2021 @ 11.00pm
the governor highlighted the big tech companies perpetuating the threat to american democracy © press
The Governor highlighted the Big Tech companies perpetuating the threat to American democracy

Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has announced an ambitious crackdown on Big Tech’s censorship and political bias, with measures including banning censorship of political candidates and mandatory opt-outs of content filters for citizens of the state.

The governor highlighted the Big Tech companies perpetuating the threat to American democracy and promised Florida Republicans would take action.

The new regulations announced by DeSantis include:

- Mandatory opt-outs from big tech’s content filters, a solution to tech censorship first proposed by Breitbart News in 2018.

- A private right of action for Floridian citizens against tech companies that violate this condition.


 these platforms have played an increasingly decisive role in elections   desantis said © press
'These platforms have played an increasingly decisive role in elections,' DeSantis said

- Fines of $100,000 per day levied on tech companies that suspend candidates for elected office in Florida from their platforms.

- Daily fines for any tech company “that uses their content and user-related algorithms to suppress or prioritize the access of any content related to a political candidate or cause on the ballot.”

- Greater transparency requirements.

- Disclosure requirements are enforced by Florida’s election authorities for tech companies that favor one candidate over another.

- Power for the Florida attorney general to bring cases against tech companies that violate these conditions under the state’s Unfair and Deceptive Practices Act.

desantis accused big tech of  clear viewpoint discrimination © press
DeSantis accused big tech of 'clear viewpoint discrimination'

This is the widest and most aggressive range of regulatory and legislative solutions so far proposed by any U.S. state to tackle the problem of tech censorship.

DeSantis highlighted the importance of the issue in a press conference:

“What began as a group of upstart companies from the west coast has since transformed into an industry of monopoly communications platforms that monitor, influence, and control the flow of information in our country and among our citizens, and they do this to an extent hitherto unimaginable,” said DeSantis.

“These platforms have changed from neutral platforms that provided Americans with the freedom to speak to enforcers of preferred narratives."

"Consequently, these platforms have played an increasingly decisive role in elections, and have negatively impacted Americans who dissent from orthodoxies favored by the Big Tech cartel.”

DeSantis accused big tech of “clear viewpoint discrimination” and noted Donald Trump's removal from Twitter and the removal of Parler from the internet and Apple and Google-controlled app stores.

“The core issue here is this: are consumers going to have the choice to consume the information they choose, or are oligarchs in Silicon Valley going to make those choices for us? No group of people should exercise such power, especially not tech billionaires in Northern California.”

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