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Biden Voters Flood Twitter to Express Deep Regret

Supporters' messages reveal they feel betrayed by Democrat

 on 25th January 2021 @ 3.00pm
joe biden s voters appear to be regretting their decision © press
Joe Biden's voters appear to be regretting their decision

Twitter has been flooded with messages expressing deep regret from Americans who voted for Joe Biden in the 2020 election.

Social media users have been sharing text message conversations that reveal many Biden voters feel betrayed.

Biden's actions have left many of the former vice president's supporters now questioning their decision.

After being sworn into office on January 20, Democrat Biden has signed a stack of executive orders to reverse many of President Donald Trump's policies.

Among those orders were the termination of the Keystone XL Pipeline and the end of President Donald Trump’s border wall construction.

The anti-Trump moves have killed off tens of thousands of American jobs at a time they're needed more than ever.

joe biden s voters appeared to forget who they were supporting during the election © press
Joe Biden's voters appeared to forget who they were supporting during the election

It appears that Biden's actions have not gone unnoticed by those who voted for him.

The messages from Biden voters read:

"Wtf is happening?” 

"Like ruin the economy on purpose”

"What the f*ck”

"Where the f*ck is Trump when you need him!?”

"But…But…character matters”

"Jeremy just called and yelled at me.

"He said everyone on the job site are freaking out thinking they are going to lose their jobs. 

"He’s blaming me for voting for Biden.

"You know I hated the way Trump acted.

"Is it true that Jeremy could lose his job?”

These voters were promised a “moderate” president who would "unite" America, restore the economy, and reveal his plan to "end" the coronavirus pandemic.

They are now realizing it was all one big lie.

After slashing tens of thousands of American jobs in his first few hours of taking office, Joe Biden issued a stark warning to America that the United States is in a "deepening economic crisis."

Biden's moves have triggered a firestorm among even those who supported his presidential campaign.

Unions that delighted in pushing Joe Biden for president during the 2020 election are condemning his decision to cancel the Keystone XL pipeline.

joe biden has already killed off thousands of american jobs © press
Joe Biden has already killed off thousands of American jobs

After his job-culling spree, Biden signed another executive order that freezes and reverses rules put in place by President Trump that forced Big Pharma to lower drug prices for Americans.

Trump had fought high prices for much-needed drugs and introduced the new rules last year, specifically to lower the cost of insulin.

To top it all, Biden also triggered outrage after revealing that there's now "nothing we can do to change the trajectory of the pandemic over the next several months."

The revelation has prompted a massive backlash due to Biden promising throughout his presidential campaign that he had a "plan" to "shut down the virus."

Many Americans supported Biden due to his pledge to end the COVID-19 crisis after he promised to reveal his plans once winning the election.

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