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Bill Maher on Trump’s Rumored ‘Patriot Party:' 'Sounds Like Nazis to Me'

Liberal host likens party to Hitler's Brownshirts

 on 24th January 2021 @ 2.00pm
 patriot party is very brownshirt y   maher said attacking trump s rumoured new venture © press
'Patriot Party is very Brownshirt-y,' Maher said attacking Trump's rumoured new venture

Bill Maher, the left-wing host for HBO, compared Donald Trump’s rumored new “Patriot Party” to the Nazis, comparing it to Adolf Hitler’s Brownshirts.

Maher weighed in on the alleged future venture by smearing it before it has even been officially confirmed.

“First of all, that sounds like Nazis to me,” Maher said.

“And not like the ‘killing all the Jews Nazis,’ but like fascism come to America, Patriot Party, whenever you are that blatant about ‘We’re the Patriots, we’re the good people.’”

Guest and host of “The Fifth Column” podcast Kmele Foster then asked:

“Would you prefer Trump Organization as the name of this new entity?”

 first of all  that sounds like nazis to me   maher said © press
'First of all, that sounds like Nazis to me,' Maher said

“I actually would,” Maher answered.

“Patriot Party is very Brownshirt-y."

"I do worry that all those people who just believe might is right, who — [we’re] at least two generations passed where they taught anything in school, so it’s not like people know that they’re violating the Constitution because they have no clue what’s in it to begin with."

"So they don’t know they’re fascists," Maher added.

"But they are."


"And I feel like they’re all going to be in the Patriot Party, and it’s going to be a dangerous — talk about fifth columnists," Maher continued.

“If you can’t call what the people who wanted to undo the election that even the Republican judges and politicians said was fairly called, I don’t know what fascism is."

"Then what definition do we have? That is fascism, when it’s just like, I mean, because a lot of these people, even the Republicans in Congress, they’re not sorry about what happened on January 6th, they’re just sorry it didn’t work.”

donald trump has been in discussions about establishing the new patriot party © press
Donald Trump has been in discussions about establishing the new patriot Party.

Earlier this month, Neon Nettle reported Trump has been in discussions about establishing the new Patriot Party.

The news that Trump is reportedly planning the new formation comes after he told supporters that the "movement we started is just beginning" in his farewell address to the nation on Tuesday.

Trump is said to have spoken with aides about the idea, The Wall Street Journal first reported.

It is not known how serious he is in going ahead with the idea, however.

Recently, Trump gave a cryptic new interview, during which he assured his supporters that he would be taking action in the coming months.

"We’ll do something, but not just yet,” Trump told the Washington Examiner on Friday.

An aide to Trump then hurriedly ended the interview as he spoke from the Trump International Golf Club.

President Trump's remarks marked his first words to a journalist since he left the White House on Wednesday and flew home to Florida.

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