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Butcher Mocks Hysterical Vegan Activist Holding Pig's Head - WATCH

Activist Tash Peterson ranted outside store while covered in fake blood

 on 21st January 2021 @ 12.00pm
a butcher mocked hysterical vegan activist tash peterson as she left the store © press
A butcher mocked hysterical vegan activist Tash Peterson as she left the store

A hysterical vegan activist was mocked by a butcher as she screamed abuse at onlookers in a busy grocery store.

Prominent Australian militant vegan Tash Peterson is known for her disruptive public protests.

In a video that has emerged online, Peterson is seen covered in fake blood and crying while holding a fake pig's head as she ranted outside a Coles store in Perth.

Wearing bloodied white clothes and an apron, Peterson shouted at passing customers.

She was urging shoppers to watch Dominion - a graphic documentary that investigates animal agriculture.

"Each time you consume meat, dairy, and eggs it is your fault. You have the right to know the truth," she screamed hysterically at passers by.

the activist was prominent australian militant vegan tash peterson © press
The activist was prominent Australian militant vegan Tash Peterson

"I don't want to be here holding this murdered being's head," she yelled at shoppers.

"I don't want to be doing this, but I have a moral obligation to be standing up for these beings.

"I don't want to be holding him.

"Can you look him in the eyes and say that your taste is worth more than his life?"

In the video shot in the clip, Peterson was approached by a shopper, who told her: "I'm vegan, and you're not helping our cause."

The activist responded: "You're not helping the animals by not standing up for them."

A Coles worker then asked Peterson to leave, telling her she was protesting on private property.

Peterson complied and slowly made her way out of the shopping complex while screaming about where free-range Christmas hams come from.

A local butcher then confronted her, asking in a mocking tone: "Are you crying? What's the matter?"

"Where'd you get the [pig] head from?" he asked while sarcastically wiping away tears from his face.

Peterson responded by asking the butcher if he felt "tough for paying for animal abuse."

A shopper then chimed in and told Peterson she was scaring nearby children, to which she responded: "Do you know that you're feeding your children animal abuse?"

"Your children have the right to know what is happening to their beloved animal friends.

"They would be horrified if you showed them the truth."


Peterson's one-person protest is the latest in a number of heated demonstrations.

Late last year she dressed up as a cow and stood at the entrance of an Italian restaurant holding a sign that read "they r*ped me and stole my babies so you could have some milk."

"If I was speaking out for the dog abuse you'd be calling me a hero," she screamed at customers.

one shopper told the activist   i m vegan  and you re not helping our cause © press
One shopper told the activist: 'I'm vegan, and you're not helping our cause'

In July she donned a similar outfit to her Coles protest to storm a busy McDonald's restaurant while carrying a fake pig's head. 

The back of her shirt read: "Your 'food' fought for their life.

"That should leave a bad taste in your mouth."

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