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Texas Prepares Series of Lawsuits Against Joe Biden Over Anti-Trump Policies

Democrat has vowed to undo many of President Trump's policies in first 100 days in office

 on 19th January 2021 @ 7.00pm
the state of texas is preparing lawsuits against joe biden © press
The state of Texas is preparing lawsuits against Joe Biden

Texas is reportedly preparing a series of lawsuits against former Vice President Joe Biden and his team over pledges to overturn many of President Donald Trump's policies.

During his first 100 days in office, Biden has “vowed to roll back the Trump administration’s immigration crackdown, push policies addressing climate change and potentially forgive student debt for thousands of Americans,” the San Antonio Express-News reported.

The state is planning to sue Biden due to the negative impact his anti-Trump push will have on Texans.

As Neon Nettle previously reported, Biden's vows to undo Trump's immigration policies have already triggered thousands of Central American migrants to begin traveling north toward the U.S. southern border.

Security forces in Guatemala are struggling to contain the violence as a huge migrant caravan marches through the country as it makes its way to America.

Biden has also promised to advocate for a nationwide mask mandate and wants Congress to pass another huge taxpayer-funded stimulus package.

thousands of migrants are now heading for america after biden promised to undo trump s immigration policies © press
Thousands of migrants are now heading for America after Biden promised to undo Trump's immigration policies

“And in the longer term, Biden has talked about rewriting the tax code to raise taxes on the rich,” the report continued.

It goes on to add that “Texas is almost certain to fight him every step of the way”:

The state is about to be back on the front lines battling against the federal government, a long tradition for its Republican leaders, from former Gov. Rick Perry to Gov. Greg Abbott — who as the state’s attorney general famously said, “I go into the office, I sue the federal government and I go home.”
As Biden takes office next week, many expect the state to pick up where it left off after suing the Obama administration dozens of times to stop initiatives such as the Clean Power Plan, scrap protections for immigrants brought to the country illegally as children and end the Affordable Care Act.

In a Facebook post on Sunday, Gov. Abbott shared the Express-News article, commenting:

“Texas will take action whenever the federal government encroaches on state’s rights or interferes with constitutionally rights, or private property rights or the right to earn a living.”

joe biden has promised to introduce a nationwide mask mandate © press
Joe Biden has promised to introduce a nationwide mask mandate

Meanwhile, a recent national survey indicates that a majority of Republicans want congressional leaders to challenge Biden on important issues.

“Nearly six in 10 (59%) Republicans questioned in a Pew Research Center poll urge GOP leaders in Congress to stand up to the incoming president, even if it’s harder to address critical issues facing the country,” Fox News reported.

Robert Henneke, general counsel at the conservative Texas Public Policy Foundation (TPPF) told the Express-News that “Litigation challenging unconstitutional action from the Biden administration will be a central issue.”

“Where the new administration seeks to go out of bounds of what powers have been delegated to it, or enacts policies and rules that aren’t supported by data and science, I expect that we’ll be chief among those challenging those type of policies,” he concluded.

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