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Germany Building 'Detention Camps' to House COVID Rule-Breakers

Germans who refuse to obey quarantine measures will be sent to converted refugee centers

 on 19th January 2021 @ 12.00pm
germany is converting refugee centers into covid  detention camps © press
Germany is converting refugee centers into COVID 'detention camps'

Germany is building "detention camps" where dissidents who refuse to obey the country's draconian COVID-19 rules will be housed, according to reports.

State governments are planning to put Germans who flout lockdown rules into converted refugee camps and child detention centers.

Germans who refuse to quarantine after being exposed to the coronavirus will be held in the facilities under new rules prepared by regional authorities.

The state of Saxony in eastern Germany has confirmed plans to hold quarantine-flouters in a fenced-off section of a refugee camp, due to be built next week.

In the south-western state of Baden-Württemberg, authorities will use two hospital rooms to detain repeat offenders, who will be guarded by police, according to Mail Online.

Authorities in Brandenburg will detain people in a section of a refugee camp, while Schleswig-Holstein will use an area within a juvenile detention center. 

german chancellor angela merkel is considering imposing a  mega lockdown  and suspending public transport © press
German Chancellor Angela Merkel is considering imposing a 'mega-lockdown' and suspending public transport

In order to increase compliance among the population, violators who receive both a warning and then a fine will be earmarked for deportation to the camp, according to Summit News.

A spokesperson for a facility based in Dresden described the camp as a "pandemic hotel."

It’ll be up to a court to decide if you qualify for a stay, however.

“We don’t assume that there will be very many, but in the event that a court decides that way, there will be a facility to accommodate them,” the spokesperson revealed.

Legal experts told German outlet, Die Welt, that state governments have powers to detain people for breaching quarantine rules under the Disease Protection Act.

The bill was passed by the German Bundestag last March and renewed in November.

The plan has been widely criticized, with AfD MP Joana Cotar accused the Saxony government of "reading too much Orwell."

the eastern state of saxony has confirmed plans to hold quarantine flouters in a section of a refugee camp set to be build next week © press
The eastern state of Saxony has confirmed plans to hold quarantine-flouters in a section of a refugee camp set to be build next week

German authorities have come under fire for their management of the pandemic, with proposals to impose national vaccine mandates in a bid to control the virus branded "social dynamite" by opposition figures.  

It comes as Chancellor Angela Merkel considers imposing a "mega-lockdown"  and suspending public transport after sparking a public backlash in the UK by calling "mutant" COVID-19 strain the "British virus."

Last year, authorities in New Zealand said that they will put all new coronavirus infectees and their close family members in “quarantine facilities.”

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern made it clear that anyone in the quarantine facility who refused to take a coronavirus test would simply be held there for at least 14 days.

Earlier this month, a lawmaker in New York also introduced a bill that would give the government the power to remove and detain “disease carriers” in quarantine facilities.

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