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Big Tech Censors Archbishop for Accusing Bill Gates of Ushering in 'New World Order'

'Bill Gates is a prophet and foretells the future'

 on 18th January 2021 @ 2.00pm
facebook issued a  false information  on the cardinal   s which greyed out the content of the cardinal s video © press
Facebook issued a 'False information' on the cardinal’s which greyed-out the content of the Cardinal's video

The archbishop emeritus of Guadalajara, Cardinal Juan Sandoval Íñiguez, has been censored by Facebook for posting a video suggesting billionaire Bill Gates and globalist leaders are using the COVID-19 pandemic to bring in a "new world order"

Facebook issued a 'false information' flag on the cardinal’s post which grayed-out the content.

Facebook added the following statement to the video.

“This publication repeats information about COVID-19 that independent fact checkers deemed false.”

Semanario Arquidiocesano Guadalajara posted the following screenshot on January 13, along with the text “Cardinal Juan Sandoval denounced the imposition of a new world order, hours later his video was censored."

semanario arquidiocesano guadalajara posted this screenshot of the censored post on january 13 © press
Semanario Arquidiocesano Guadalajara posted this screenshot of the censored post on January 13

The video entitled “Plot of a new world order” shows the Cardinal warning, "this will go on for a long time.”

“This pandemic won’t end in a month or two months, perhaps not this year, perhaps not in three, four, five, six years,” he said.

“That’s what these men want. It will be a long haul.”

“It’s a tough, difficult situation, the likes of which has not been seen in human history,” he said.


“Bill Gates is a prophet and foretells the future,” the cardinal noted.

“And not only did he predict the coming of the coronavirus, but has also warned of a possible future smallpox pandemic.”

the cardinal said bill gates predicted the coming of the coronavirus  and warned of a possible future smallpox pandemic © press
The Cardinal said Bill Gates predicted the coming of the coronavirus, and warned of a possible future smallpox pandemic

In 2018, Gates did indeed warn that the human race is about to be struck down by a deadly pandemic that will kill "millions within 6 months."

Gates said a disease would likely be far worse than the flu and could be something we've "never seen before."

Cardinal Sandoval also warned of the closure of businesses and services, noting such measures were unnecessary to curb the virus's spread.

“What they’re after is a world government, a new world order,” the cardinal said.

“They want a single world government, a single army, a single currency, a single economy, and also a single religion — that will certainly not be the Christian religion,” he said.

“It will be the religion of Mother Earth, in the name of humanity and universal brotherhood.”

“To this end, pandemics serve to weaken nations; they impoverish and indebt them, bringing down their economies,” Sandoval said.

“They also weaken education, closing schools, and replacing them with distance learning.”

“These pandemics also impede religious practice, as we saw all last year,” he said.

“They close the churches, reduce the number of people who can worship.”

Last year, Gates urged social media sites to do more to prevent people from discussing "crazy stuff" online.

The second-richest man in the world slammed the free speech App Parler for not censoring content on its platform.

Only last week, Parler was scrubbed from the Apple App Store and Amazon servers for "inciting violence."

Cardinal Sandoval isn't the first to warn of Gate's plans for the world.

Last year, the nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan also accused Gates of plotting to "depopulate the Earth" through vaccines for COVID-19.

According to Farrakhan, Microsoft co-founder Gates was conspiring with Dr. Anthony Fauci to use the coronavirus pandemic to reduce the population of the planet.

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Facebook is heavily censoring information from independent sources.

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