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Chinese Communist Party: With Biden in Charge, China Can Enter the 'Next Phase'

China's Foreign Minister Wang Yi celebrates prospect of Joe Biden taking the presidency

 on 10th December 2020 @ 11.00pm
china is hoping for a joe biden presidency  which would mark a big win for the ruling communist party © press
China is hoping for a Joe Biden presidency, which would mark a big win for the ruling Communist Party

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is celebrating the prospect of Joe Biden winning the presidential race, hailing the possibility of the Democrat nominee taking charge of the White House as an opportunity for China to "return to the right track."

While speaking to the board of the US-China Business Council (USCBC), Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi gushed that a Biden victory in the election would allow the CCP to enter the "next phase of relations."

“The USCBC represents American companies that do business in China and seeks to promote bilateral trade," Wang said, as The South China Morning Post reported.

"The most urgent task currently is for the two sides to work together to remove all sorts of barriers to achieve a smooth transition in China-US relations.

"At the same time, based on the direction of mutual benefits for our two peoples and countries, we need to strive to restart dialogue, return to the right track and rebuild trust in this next phase of relations," he added.

Wang implicitly targeted President Donald Trump's administration for "intervening" in the Communist Party's agenda.

chinese foreign minister wang yi gushed that a joe biden victory in the election would allow be a turning point for the ccp © press
Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi gushed that a Joe Biden victory in the election would allow be a turning point for the CCP

The Trump admin has warned about the Chinese company Huawei Technologies and sanctioned Chinese officials over human rights abuses in Xinjiang.

According to Wang, however, Trump's opposition to the Communist Chinese regime displayed “outdated Cold War mentality and ideological prejudices.”

“Engaging in comprehensive containment against China, and even advocating for ‘decoupling’ and a ‘new Cold War’, this is making a historical, directional and strategic error,” he said.

“We expect and believe that the US’ China policy will return to objectivity and rationality sooner or later.”

Wang also warned the United States not to “intervene in China’s internal affairs.”

“For problems that cannot be immediately resolved, we need to maintain a constructive attitude to manage the situation to avoid intensifying and escalating the overall situation of China-US relations.”

As Neon Nettle previously reported, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warned on Wednesday that the Chinese Communist Party is aggressively seeking to undermine the U.S., including through U.S. colleges and universities.

Pompeo says Beijing sees American colleges as “easy targets” to infiltrate and influence for China’s benefit because they are “rife with anti-Americanism.”

“It’s that the Chinese Communist Party wants what we have, and they will do whatever they must do to take it and get it,” Pompeo said.

“They will steal our stuff," he warned.

"They will pressure critics of the Chinese Communist Party to keep quiet.

"They will do whatever it takes.”

“And it’s important to come and talk with the American people about this because Americans must know how the Chinese Communist Party is poisoning the well of our higher education institutions for its own ends, and how those actions degrade our freedoms and American national security,” Pompeo continued.

“If we don’t educate ourselves, if we’re not honest about what’s taking place, we’ll get schooled by Beijing.”

china appears excited about the prospect of joe biden s projected election win © press
China appears excited about the prospect of Joe Biden's projected election win

Last July, U.S. Attorney General William Barr also issued a warning about China:

The General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party, Xi Jinping, who has centralized power to a degree not seen since the dictatorship of Mao Zedong, now speaks openly of China moving closer to the center stage, building a socialism that is superior to capitalism, and replacing the American dream with the Chinese solution.

China is no longer hiding its strength, nor biding its time.

From the perspective of its communist rulers, China’s time has arrived.

The People’s Republic of China is now engaged in an economic Blitzkrieg, an aggressive orchestrated whole of government, indeed whole of society, campaign to seize the commanding heights of the global economy and to surpass the United States as the world’s preeminent technological superpower.

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