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Brennan: 'I Have No Problems' with Durham Probe, ‘There Was No Spying’ on Trump

'Well, I think that is fine. I have no problems with it'

 on 7th December 2020 @ 2.00pm
 i sat down for eight hours with john durham and his team  answering all his questions   brennan said © press
'I sat down for eight hours with John Durham and his team, answering all his questions,' Brennan said

Former CIA Director John Brennan has declared there was no spying on President Donald Trump’s campaign in 2016.

During a broadcast of “Fox News Sunday," Brennan said he has "no problems" with the investigation.

In a video clip, Trump said:

“You can look at Brennan and Comey and Clapper; we caught them spying on our campaign.

"This was an illegal act like no other illegal act."

"This was treason. This was at the highest level of treason," Trump added.

 there was no spying on donald trump   s campaign   brennan declared © press
'There was no spying on Donald Trump’s campaign,' Brennan declared

Anchor Chris Wallace said:

“As I said, you both accused each other of treason."

"What do you think of Attorney General Barr extending the Durham investigation into the Obama administration, the FBI, the intelligence community, extending that investigation well into 2021?” Wallace asked.

Brennan replied:

“Well, I think that is fine. I have no problems with it."


"I do believe that John Durham is going to carry out his response abilities ably and hopefully not with any type of political influence."

"I sat down for eight hours with John Durham and his team, answering all his questions."

"And so looking back at 2016, where there some mistakes made in terms of the FISA applications and those things?" Brennan added.

Yes, apparently there were, but that doesn’t mean that there was criminal intent."

"There was no spying on Donald Trump’s campaign," Brennan declared.

"It’s very clear from Robert Mueller’s investigation that there were a lot of activities that I think were very unprincipled, unethical."

"It will be up to individuals in the future to determine whether or not there was any criminal activity that took place during that time.”

earlier this year  brennan said he had  nothing to hide  from durham © press
Earlier this year, Brennan said he had 'nothing to hide' from Durham

Last month, Durham’s investigation was reported to be continuing "full steam ahead,” despite various media outlets reporting otherwise, according to a source familiar with his progress.

Earlier this year, Brennan said he had "nothing to hide" from Durham.

"I welcome the opportunity to talk with the investigators. I have nothing to hide," Brennan said at the time.

Earlier in November, Brennan said he would be silent about Trump.

“I now plan to ignore Trump," Brennan said.

"I look forward to the day when the truth is going to come out, and the individuals who have mischaracterized what has happened in the past will be shown to have deceived the American people.”

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