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Bill Clinton 'Couldn't Stay Away' from Epstein's 'Pedophile Island,' Top Aide Reveals

Former president's chief aide blows the whistle on relationship with sex offender

 on 6th December 2020 @ 1.00pm
bill clinton s former chief aide says the ex president did visit jeffery epstein s  pedophile island © press
Bill Clinton's former chief aide says the ex-president did visit Jeffery Epstein's 'Pedophile Island'

Former US president Bill Clinton "couldn't stay away" from child sex offender Jeffrey Epstein's notorious private island, despite his claims to the contrary, his former chief aide has revealed.

Doug Band, who worked for Clinton for around two decades, has stepped forward to blow the whistle on what he witnessed during his time around the ex-POTUS.

Band says the former president flew on Epstein's jet "dozens of times" and visited the child sex trafficker's private Caribbean island, Little St. James - dubbed "Pedophile Island" by locals and authorities - in January 2003.

Although ignorant of Epstein's crimes at the time, Mr. Band claimed in an interview with Vanity Fair that he tried and failed to keep his boss away from Epstein after a 2002 trip to Africa.

Mr. Band told the magazine the trip had left him with a bad impression of Epstein and he advised Mr. Clinton to end his relationship with the financier, who later died in a jail cell awaiting trial on child sex trafficking charges.

“Band said he had no idea about Epstein’s sex crimes back then but got enough bad vibes that he advised Clinton to end the relationship,” the report says.

bill clinton was a frequent flyer on jeffrey epstein s infamous  lolita express  private jet © press
Bill Clinton was a frequent flyer on Jeffrey Epstein's infamous 'Lolita Express' private jet

"Clinton continued to socialize with Epstein and take his money," Band told Vanity Fair.

"In 2006 Epstein donated $25,000 to the Clinton Foundation,” the report continues.

"Clinton made more than two dozen trips on Epstein’s jet around this time, Epstein’s flight logs show.

"In January 2003, according to Band, Clinton visited Epstein’s private Caribbean island, Little St. James.

"Band said it was one of the few trips he declined to go on in his time with Clinton.”

The two men were friends in the 2000s, with Mr. Clinton taking several trips on Epstein’s private jet, which has come to be known as the "Lolita express" after it was alleged that the financier used the jet to traffic underage girls between his various properties.

Band notes that Ghislaine Maxwell was invited to Chelsea Clinton’s wedding in 2010, despite the fact that it was then known that Epstein had committed sex crimes involving underage girls.

The report notes:

Chelsea had ties to Epstein and Maxwell, Band said; he showed me a photo of Bill and Chelsea posing with Epstein and Maxwell at the King of Morocco’s wedding.

Chelsea remained friends with Maxwell for years after the press revealed Maxwell was a close associate of Epstein’s.

For instance, Chelsea invited Maxwell to her 2010 wedding at the Brooke Astor estate in Rhinebeck, New York, after Epstein had pleaded guilty in Florida to procuring sex from a minor.

There was one major reason Maxwell was at the wedding, according to Band.

"Ghislaine had access to yachts and nice homes. Chelsea needed that,” the former aide notes.

Band says in the interview that it was only in 2011 that he began to tell Clinton staffers to distance themselves from Maxwell.

"I knew in telling everyone to stop including Ghislaine that Chelsea and her father would be very angry,” Band says.

"It made it harder for them to justify being close to her."

ex bill clinton aid doug band  right  has blown the whistle on what he witnessed while working with the former president © press
Ex-Bill Clinton aid Doug Band (right) has blown the whistle on what he witnessed while working with the former president

Band’s reveals that Bill Clinton did, in fact, visit the infamous "Pedophile Island" dovetail.

The claim adds to previously unsealed court documents in the Ghislaine Maxwell case, which revealed that a witness gave a sworn statement alleging to have seen the former president on the island with Epstein, Maxwell, and two young girls.”

The documents also echo claims previously made by a former worker on Epstein’s island in a Netflix documentary.

The allegations run counter to denials by Clinton that he ever visited the island.

The private island was reportedly the site of multiple sexual assaults of underage girls by convicted pedophile Epstein and his elite guests.

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