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CNN Tapes: Network Plotted to Bury Hunter Biden Scandal to Advance Pro-Biden Agenda

Project Veritas founder James O'Keefe secretly recorded CNN President Jeff Zucker's calls

 on 3rd December 2020 @ 5.00pm
cnn s jeff zucker and his executives discussed burying the hunter biden scandal © press
CNN's Jeff Zucker and his executives discussed burying the Hunter Biden scandal

The explosive recordings of CNN's daily editorial meetings, which were tapped, secretly recorded, and now released by Project Veritas, show the "news" network was actively plotting to bury the Hunter Biden scandal to advance their pro-Democrat agenda.

The conversations from the calls suggest the network avoided reporting the Hunter Biden/Ukraine controversy in the run-up to the 2020 presidential election in a bid to shield the Democrat nominee's campaign from scandal. 

CNN boss Jeff Zucker told senior staff that the network should downplay the bombshell story, according to the leaked telephone conference calls of the news network's 9 am editorial meetings.

During one call, Zucker also insists that he doesn't think "we should be repeating unsubstantiated smears just because the rightwing media suggests that we should."

The story CNN execs were discussing was first revealed in the New York Post, revealing emails that allegedly came from Hunter Biden's laptop that shed light on questionable foreign business dealings he had while his father was vice president.

CNN political director David Chalian can be heard telling Zucker that the news network would not be covering the story. 

project veritas says it has been recording cnn s senior staff meetings  for months © press
Project Veritas says it has been recording CNN's senior staff meetings 'for months'

"Obviously, we're not going with the New York Post story right now on Hunter Biden," said Chalian. 

Chalian, who is also CNN's vice president went on: "Obviously, Hunter Biden's lawyer is quoted in the New York Post piece and we'll just continue to report out this is the very stuff that the president was impeached over, this is the stuff that Senate Committees looked at and found nothing wrong in Joe Biden's interactions with Ukrainians and now having an email that perhaps there was a meeting with someone from Burisma it seems. 

"Rudy Giuliani's sort of 'dream-o-vision' of how to throw stuff at the wall in these closing days of the campaign."

The Post's story told how Biden met with an executive of the notoriously-corrupt energy company which was paying his son up to $83,000 a month to sit on its board, despite having zero experience in the industry.

At the same time, energy company Burisma was hoping to receive favors from the American government while Joe Biden was the vice president. 

During that same conference call, CNN Executive Vice President and General Counsel David Vigilante can be heard telling Zucker that "we should be awfully careful" regarding coverage of the Hunter Biden story.

In a video released, released by Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe, three top executives at the network, including the head of the company, discuss completely ignoring the Hunter Biden laptop story.

“I do think, on the Breitbart, New York Post, Fox News rabbit hole of Hunter Biden, which I don’t think anybody outside of that world understood last night,” Zucker said.

“The Wall Street Journal reported that their review of all corporate records showed no role for Joe Biden on the Chinese deal.

"And yes, I do put more credibility in The Wall Street Journal than I do in the New York Post.”


“Hey, Jeff, it’s just David on the Burisma story, and we should be awfully careful about that obviously, but I do think there’s a media story,” CNN Executive VP David Vigilante said.

“What in the world are Maggie Haberman and Jake Sherman doing retweeting that story?”


Elsewhere in the newly released videos, CNN execs discuss a propaganda plot aimed at cinvincing Cubans in Miami to vote for Joe Biden by countering narratives promoted by President Donald Trump.

O’Keefe said: “According to senior vice president on CNN Cynthia Hudson, recorded on Jeff Zucker’s 9 a.m. telephone call at CNN, the reason that Cubans voted for Trump is because they’re attracted to bullies.”

james o keefe unmuted his phone and crashed jeff zucker s call during a live stream on social media © press
James O'Keefe unmuted his phone and crashed Jeff Zucker's call during a live stream on social media

O'Keefe then plays a recording of Hudson's pitch to other CNN senior staff members.

“Trump has used the communism, socialism rhetoric as part of his hook for the Cubans in Miami, how that has resonated and how the Biden team has not done enough to counter that,” Hudson said.

“This is all that — that the only reason they are supporting Trump is because of that narrative.

"And that narrative, and the fact that sadly, I have to say, there’s a population that’s very attracted to bullies.”

“And no one is countering it properly in Florida, the Cubans are going to vote for Trump.

“And that’s terrifying,” she continued.

"And, so, I think that there is a way to counter the narrative in Florida (Biden is a socialist) that is not being taken advantage of.”


O'Keefe has vowed to continue releasing the recordings that expose deep levels of planned propaganda that is being pushed onto the American public.

According to O'Keefe, Project Veritas has recorded every one of Zucker's morning meetings with executives for the past "two months."

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