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Chinese Sociologist Gloats: China Will 'Drive America to its Death'

'COVID-19 is bad for Europe and America, but it is beneficial for North Korea and China'

 on 30th November 2020 @ 9.00pm
 in the global economy  china stands out  we are ahead of schedule in terms of overtaking the united states © press
'In the global economy, China stands out. We are ahead of schedule in terms of overtaking the United States'

A Chinese sociologist has declared it is "only a matter of time" before China overtakes the United States before putting an end to the Western nation.

Dr. Li Y made the remarks at a forum reportedly in Shenzhen.

The sociologists'  chilling declaration was reported by MEMRI TV, a research organization that tracks Islamic extremism around the world and anti-Semitism.

“Chinese sociologist Dr. Li Yi said in an October 16, 2020 speech delivered at the Shenzhenwan Dialogue Forum in Shenzhen, China that China would overtake the United States in GDP by 2027, and that COVID-19 has been harmful to the U.S. and Europe but beneficial to China and North Korea,” MEMRI reported.

“Dr. Yi holds a PhD in sociology from the University of Illinois, and according to his Linkedin account, he is a full-time professor at Renmin University in China."

the sociologists   chilling declaration outlines the chinese take over of the united states © press
The sociologists' chilling declaration outlines the Chinese take over of the United States

"Following Dr. Yi’s October 16 speech, Renmin University issued a statement denying his employment at the university.”

The most chilling quotes from the speech include:

“It turns out that China is going to overtake the United States in 2027. It was said that this might be delayed for a year or two, but this year, God has pulled off a little trick, right? God created COVID-19 and spread it to every country in the world.”

“COVID-19 is bad for Europe and America, but it is beneficial for North Korea and China.”

“We still have 4,000 dead, right? But if 4,000 (Chinese) die versus 220,000 in the United States, we haven’t really lost a single person, have we? We’re close to zero infections and zero deaths. If 4,000 people out of 1.4 billion dies, that’s the same as no one getting sick and no one dying.”

“In the global economy, China stands out. We are ahead of schedule in terms of overtaking the United States. There will be no problem with reaching this goal in 2027. The U.S. will not survive.”

“As long as 1.4 billion Chinese people eat, sleep, defecate, and urinate every day, as long as we go to work every day, we will drive the U.S. to its death.”

chinese state media said  rapid u s  political decay and decline  was rampant in us politics © press
Chinese state media said 'rapid U.S. political decay and decline' was rampant in US politics

Li’s claims that China has only lost 4,000 people to the pandemic and that North Korea has had zero infections have been strongly disputed by experts, U.S. officials, and British officials.


Earleir this month, Neon Nettle reported on a grim assessment of Election Day in the US delivered by the Chinese media.

The outlet claimed “rapid U.S. political decay and decline" was outlined in the contest between incumbent President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden.

“The decline of U.S. politics in 2020 is destined to be recorded in history,” wrote China’s state-run Global Times.

The outlet cited gun and ammunition purchases as evidence that a civil war is brewing.

The decay is first manifested by the embarrassing situation: Effective governance in the US is relatively or absolutely insufficient. The government’s responsibility – to provide society with the necessary public goods to cope with the impact and challenge of a crisis – is absent.

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