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MSNBC Calls on Biden to Flood U.S with Refugees to 'Heal from Trump'

Americans 'need to make space for a surge in refugees'

 on 17th November 2020 @ 6.00pm
msnbc columnist hayes brown says biden  victory   marks an end to the u s  government   s hostility to immigrants under trump © press
MSNBC columnist Hayes Brown says Biden 'victory' marks an end to the U.S. government’s hostility to immigrants under Trump

An MSNBC columnist has claimed Joe Biden’s plan to massively increase the United States' refugee resettlement by over 700 percent is “what America needs to heal” after four years of President Donald Trump.

MSNBC columnist Hayes Brown writes in a piece titled “Biden’s refugee plan is what America needs to heal from Trump", that Americans “need to make space” for a surge in refugees."

Brown writes:

Massively increasing the number of refugees allowed into the U.S. has the benefit, then, of doing exactly that — marking an end to the U.S. government’s hostility to immigrants under Trump and showing the world our renewed place in the global community. It also happens to be the right thing to do and entirely fitting with Biden’s beliefs.

The years through 2016 have shown that the maximum numbers of refugees welcomed into the country wax and waned as attitudes in the U.S. shifted.

But part of the transformation the U.S. needs to recover from the Trump era requires a renewed commitment to making amends for a history of American exclusion and embracing the country’s immigrant heritage more fully than ever. The time to make those changes is now, no matter how hard they may seem. 

biden promised to increase the united states  annual intake of refugees by over 800 percent © press
Biden promised to increase the United States' annual intake of refugees by over 800 percent

As the Biden administration does the work of building this country into a place where the laws equally apply to everyone, where health care is a given, where we halt the warming of the planet, we need to make space for the people who’ve dreamed of a place where all that and more is possible.

Neon Nettle reported earlier this week that Biden promised to increase the United States' annual intake of refugees by over 800 percent of current figures.

After the Trump administration established a ceiling of 15,000 refugees, Biden has now promised to raise that number to 125,000, Religion News Service (RNS) reported.

resettlement of refugees cost the american taxpayers nearly  9 billion every five years  the latest research revealed © press
Resettlement of refugees cost the American taxpayers nearly $9 billion every five years, the latest research revealed.

Biden said:

“The United States has long stood as a beacon of hope for the downtrodden and the oppressed, a leader of resettling refugees in our humanitarian response."

“I promise, as president, I will reclaim that proud legacy for our country,” Biden continued.

“The Biden-Harris administration will restore America’s historic role in protecting the vulnerable and defending the rights of refugees everywhere and raising our annual refugee admission target to 125,000.”

Resettlement of refugees costs the American taxpayer nearly $9 billion every five years, the latest research revealed.

In July, Biden's proposal for the Democrat Party platform for 2020 sought to abolish America's suburban communities by flooding them with immigrants and forcing low-income housing into the area.

The Biden-Sanders Unity Task Force Recommendations aim to give an immediate amnesty and a pathway to U.S. citizenship for 22 million illegal aliens currently living in the US.

The proposal would also grant legal status to all the world’s refugees, regardless if their claim is legitimate or not.

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