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Tucker Carlson: Elites Are Pushing COVID Lockdowns to Usher in 'The Great Reset'

Reporter slams push to use pandemic to promote radical agenda

 on 17th November 2020 @ 1.00pm
tucker carlson says elites want lockdowns to usher in  the great reset © press
Tucker Carlson says elites want lockdowns to usher in 'The Great Reset'

Fox News host Tucker Carlson has slammed the latest push for nationwide and global COVID-19 lockdowns, arguing that the elites are pushing for more restrictions so they can usher in "The Great Reset."

During his show on Monday night, Carlson pointed to calls from Democratic nominee Joe Biden, who is calling for "more masks, more quarantines, more limits on travel, more restrictions on who you can eat with and who you can touch."

Our leadership class is pushing to "completely control" the "most intimate details of our lives," Carlson warns.

Carlson slammed Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau over his comments in September where he was praising coronavirus fears.

While addressing the United Nations, Trudeau hailed the pandemic as an “opportunity for a reset” to “accelerate our pre-pandemic efforts to reimagine economic systems that actually address global challenges like extreme poverty, inequality, and climate change.”


tucker carlson says elites are using lockdowns to push an agenda © press
Tucker Carlson says elites are using lockdowns to push an agenda

“Watch this video from September, you may not have seen it  – it wasn’t played much in this country,” Carlson said before rolling the clip of Trudeau's remarks.

“This is the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau speaking to the United Nations.”


“Oh, ‘this is our chance,’ says Justin Trudeau,” Carlson responded, mockingly.

“Not our chance to save you from a virus with a 99% survival rate, you’ll almost certainly be fine, and they’re fully aware of that.”

“‘This is our chance’ to impose totally unprecedented social controls on the population, in order to bypass democracy and change everything to conform with their weird academic theories that have never been tested in the real world, and by the way don’t actually make sense.

"This is their chance," he concluded.


Trudeau’s comments were trending on social media this week after the latest rounds of proclamations surrounding the coronavirus from the media.

Trudeau's comments caused “The Great Reset” to trend on Twitter Monday morning.

This was taken as an endorsement of a World Economic Forum plan to concentrate most private property in the hands of Big Tech mega-corporations.

“The Great Reset” plan involves a collaboration between national governments and international bodies to “reset capitalism.”

The move would integrate a transnational technocratic welfare/surveillance state by the year 2030.

tucker carlson highlighted comments from justin trudeau where he praised the pandemic as a  opportunity for a reset © press
Tucker Carlson highlighted comments from Justin Trudeau where he praised the pandemic as a 'opportunity for a reset'

Mainstream media outlets such as Vice, The Guardian, and TechCrunch have derided the claims as “conspiracy theory.”

However, no matter how far-fetched they may sound, the World Economic Forum is actually quite up-front about it.

Local governments and media organizations have begun advocating increasingly totalitarian left-wing policies as the debate about COVID-19 rages on.

On Sunday, CNN’s Jake Tapper said that Christmas and Thanksgiving will not “be possible” during a discussion with Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Fauci stated that lockdowns and mask regulations should continue well into 2021 even if a vaccine is developed.

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