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College Dean Slams Biden Supporters as 'Ignorant, Anti-American & Anti-Christian'

Leftist peers go wild after Virginia academic's anti-Democrat post on Facebook

 on 16th November 2020 @ 1.00pm
virginia college dean paul ewell slammed joe biden s supporters as  ignorant © press
Virginia college dean Paul Ewell slammed Joe Biden's supporters as 'ignorant'

A Virginia college dean has triggered outrage among his leftist peers after he slammed supporters of Joe Biden as "ignorant, anti-American, and anti-Christian." 

Paul Ewell, who is the head of Virginia Wesleyan University's business school and dean of the university's Global Campus, took to Facebook to blast those who voted for former Vice President Biden in the 2020 election.

Ewell asked pro-Biden and Democrat-voting Facebook contacts to "unfriend" him, accusing them of corrupting the presidential race and "our youth … our country," in the wake of the election.

"Please, please help me with something. If you voted for Joe Biden, please unfriend me," Ewell's post began.

"Or, reply that you are a Democrat and I will unfriend you," he added.

"If you were ignorant, anti-American, and anti-Christian enough to vote for Biden, I really don’t want to be your social friend on social media."

paul ewell asked joe biden voters to  unfriend  him on facebook © press
Paul Ewell asked Joe Biden voters to 'unfriend' him on Facebook

"I wouldn’t hang out with you in real life, I don’t want to hang out with you virtually either," Ewell told his Biden-supporting Facebook contacts.

"You have corrupted the election.

"You have corrupted our youth, you have corrupted our country.

"I have standards and you don’t meet them.

"Please remove yourself," he concluded.

Although the post was originally posted just to Ewell's page, the entire text was then screengrabbed and spread around the internet. 

It has left university bosses red-faced as they scrambled to distance themselves from the professor's remarks.

"The University is aware of a recent comment made on social media by a member of the campus community," Virginia Wesleyan University said in a statement on Facebook.

"These views and opinions are expressly the individual’s own.

"Civic engagement and religious freedom are at the core of the University’s values, and we remain an inclusive and caring community that empowers meaningful relationships through listening, understanding, and communication."

But the response by the college, a private liberal arts and sciences school in Virginia Beach, does not appear to have gone down well with commenters now demanding Ewell's resignation.

"How is Professor Ewell supposed to gain the trust of his students when they now know he considers most of them anti-American and anti-Christian?" asked Ben Abrahamse.

"Simply put, if this is your staff, then inclusiveness is not what you practice," added Hayden Christopher Jones. 

"This was not a political statement. It was a statement based in hate and it is hatred for the students."

"He leads your business school for God’s sake! He needs to go," Scott Nassl fizzed.

paul ewell says people who vote for joe biden  have corrupted our youth © press
Paul Ewell says people who vote for Joe Biden 'have corrupted our youth'

Almost a thousand similar comments peppered the University's Facebook page on Sunday night with the majority questioning how such a "high-ranking, high-profile member" of the university's administration could remain in his position, calling his original post "unacceptable" and "embarrassing."

President Donald Trump seemed to agree with Ewell's sentiments, however, retweeting the story calling it "Progress!"

Although Ewell's post was made on his personal Facebook page, it has since been taken down.   

Stephanie Smaglo, a VWU spokeswoman, has said "while the university cannot speak to personnel matters, this incident is being addressed through our internal processes and policies."

Ewell joined the full-time staff of the university in 2008 and is a professor of management, business and economics, director of the school's MBA program, and dean of the VWU Global Campus.  

VWU's social media policy reminds staff to be aware of what they post even on personal sites.

"Keep in mind nothing is truly private in social media," the handbook warns.

"Consider your comments, photos or shared content carefully before posting.

"If it's something you wouldn't want shared or re-posted for a broad audience, it is best not to share it in the first place."

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