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BLM Thugs Attack Black Mother with Two Young Children

Violent mob targets pro-Trump woman pushing a stroller

 on 15th November 2020 @ 6.00pm
a black mother and her two children were attacked by  black lives matter  thugs © press
A black mother and her two children were attacked by 'Black Lives Matter' thugs

A black mother and her two young children were attacked on the streets of Washington D.C. by a mob of "Black lives Matter" thugs on Saturday.

BLM "protesters" harassed the woman pushing a stroller through Black Lives Matter Plaza wearing a Trump jacket.

The attack led to a fight, leaving the two little girls in tears and visibly traumatized.

A group of anti-Trump protesters began harassing the family on Black Lives Matter Plaza near the White House on Saturday.

The family had just left the Million MAGA March.

The MAGA March had reportedly just reached the Supreme Court where they were met with BLM and Antifa counter-protesters.

the young girls were left in tears and visibly traumatized by the attack © press
The young girls were left in tears and visibly traumatized by the attack

The incident appeared to break out as the family and others were leaving the Freedom Plaza after listening to pro-Trump speeches.

WATCH (Warning: Violence):

A video tweeted by Daily Caller journalist Shelby Talcott shows the woman and her young daughter walking down a street in Washington, DC, pushing a baby stroller.

A woman to the right can be seen taking cell phone pictures of the family.

“Get the f**k away from my family,” the mother says as others begin to crowd around her.

The mother continues yelling as a man and a woman approach her family from behind.

A man with a Don’t Tread on Me flag steps in and attempts to intervene in the conflict, the video shows.

The woman attempts to steal the flag from the man and a fight breaks out.

Another Daily Caller video shows the danger the BLM protesters put the family in.

During the fight, the man with the flag is pushed backward and falls on a young girl.

D.C. Metro police officers quickly moved in from where they had been observing the situation develop and attempted to separate the group, according to Breitbart.

As the fight develops, the mother moves her kids to a safe position and yells at police to arrest the woman involved.

Police can be seen placing a man in handcuffs who started throwing punches at the man with the flag.

the family was set up by a mob of  black lives matter  thugs © press
The family was set up by a mob of 'Black Lives Matter' thugs

The videos end showing the pre-teen girls screaming in terror as they watched the scene unfold.

In a video showing the aftermath, a man wearing a “F**k Racism” shirt yells at the black woman, “Why did you bring your kid here?”

“You need to press charges,” another woman says.

“I want to press charges,” the mother responded.

One of the officers responded that he was going to lock up everyone involved in the attack on the family.

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