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Michigan Republicans Call for 'Full Audit' of Results Following 'Serious Allegations'

GOP state senators demand audit 'prior to the certification of any results'

 on 13th November 2020 @ 3.00pm
angry protesters seen gathering outside the ballot count in detroit © press
Angry protesters seen gathering outside the ballot count in Detroit

Michigan Republicans are calling for a "full audit" of that state's 2020 count results, citing "serious allegations" against its integrity.

Republican state senators made the call following alleged "errors" and "voter fraud" during the ballot count for the presidential election.

In a letter delivered to Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, GOP state senators Tom Barrett and Lana Theis requested that a "full audit be conducted of the 2020 election prior to the certification of any results."

The letter, dated Friday, November 13, states that the results must be fully audited for the general election before certifying the results of any race.

Barrett and Theis argue that Benson must delay certifying election results over a spate of errors and allegations of voter fraud that are casting doubts on Michigan’s election process.

"Every citizen deserves to have faith in the integrity of the election process and its outcome," the letter states.

republicans are calling on michigan secretary of state jocelyn benson to order a  full audit © press
Republicans are calling on Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson to order a 'full audit'

"It is our responsibility, as elected public servants, to assure the people of Michigan of the process’s integrity through complete transparency and the faithful investigation of any allegations of wrongdoing, fraud, or abuse,” the senators wrote.

"Unfortunately, a number of serious allegations have been made which cannot and should not be ignored.”

The letter first cited a 6,000-vote error in election results from Michigan’s Antrim County, noting that “Antrim is just one of 47 counties in Michigan that used the software system at issue, Dominion Voting Systems, to process their ballots.”

“This is particularly concerning when at least one other Secretary of State, specifically in Texas, refused to certify Dominion Voting Systems for use because the examiner could not verify that the system was ‘safe from fraudulent or unauthorized manipulation,’” the senators added.

Benson has called claims about a glitch resulting in the skewed results “erroneous” and said that the 6,000-vote error was due to the clerk not updating the software used to tabulate results, according to The Daily Wire.

The letter then points to a number of allegations that “election officials critically mishandled numerous ballots.”

The list of allegations includes such claims as officials counting ineligible ballots, illicitly backdating ballots to make them eligible, and duplicating ballots illegally.

“Third, there are allegations that unsecured ballots arrived at the TCF Center loading garage, outside of sealed ballot boxes, without any chain of custody, and without envelopes,” the letter continues.

The letter goes on to state that, according to the allegation, 40,000 ballots that were taken from “out-of-state” vehicles all went “for one candidate.”

“Finally, there are allegations of illegal and official intimidation and interference with lawful election challengers and poll watchers, which is an essential aspect of election integrity,” the letter says.

The senators note that the allegations listed throughout the letter are “backed up by sworn affidavits of over 100 Michigan citizens, real people, willing to face legal consequences to their lives and livelihoods to stand by their assertions.”

"These claims deserve our full attention and diligent investigation to ensure fairness and transparency in our election process,” the letter says.

"As such, and due directly to these issues, we are requesting a full audit be conducted of the 2020 General Election prior to the certification of any results."

gop state senators tom barrett and lana theis are leading the charge © press
GOP state senators Tom Barrett and Lana Theis are leading the charge

President Trump’s campaign filed a federal lawsuit in Michigan on Tuesday to stop the secretary of state from certifying election results until allegations of “irregularities, incompetence and unlawful vote counting” can be investigated and all ballots confirmed.

“The suit relies on affidavits from witnesses who say they saw election officials counting ineligible ballots, counting batches of the same ballots multiple times, counting illegal late ballots and pre-dating them, accepting ballots deposited in drop boxes after the deadline, and duplicating ballots illegally,” the campaign said in a statement.

“It also documents how defendant Wayne County used faulty ballot tabulators that miscounted votes for President Trump as votes for the Biden-Harris ticket.”

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