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Warren: Biden Must Bypass Congress to Implement the 'Most Progressive' Agenda 'Ever'

Democrat senator calls on Democratic presidential nominee to overstep is authority

 on 13th November 2020 @ 1.00am
sen  elizabeth is outlining her demands for joe biden © press
Sen. Elizabeth is outlining her demands for Joe Biden

Democrat Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) has outlined a list of demands for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

Warren, who was beaten by the former vice president in the Democratic primaries, is calling on Biden to bypass Congress and begin implementing the "most progressive" agenda "ever," despite not yet winning the presidential election.

Biden was forced to move left as he ran against a slew of more radical presidential hopefuls including Warren, in the 2020 primaries.

Sen. Warren, who dropped out of the race before Super Tuesday, said Biden and running mate Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) "won" the election because they ran on “the most progressive economic and racial justice platform” ever.

Biden and Harris “ran on explicit plans to create new union jobs in clean energy, increase Social Security benefits, expand health care, cancel billions of dollars in student-loan debt, hold law enforcement accountable, make the wealthy pay their fair share, tackle climate change and provide for universal child care,” Warren wrote in a Thursday op-ed for The Washington Post.

Media outlets have tried to call the presidency for Joe Biden, but the tight race is far from over as several states are set to undergo recounts and audits.

warren has revealed her progressive wish list of demands for joe biden © press
Warren has revealed her progressive wish list of demands for Joe Biden

Democrats had hoped for a Biden landslide, but it didn't go as planned and Dems performed much worse than expected across the board and did not get the clean sweep on Election Day they hoped.

The "split decision" thus rendered by the American people on Election Day has led to an already spectacular amount of infighting among Democrats who are eager to point fingers for the party's failure, according to The Blaze.

In particular, the party's liberal and more moderate wings have been particularly eager to point fingers at the other camp, with moderates aggressively blaming progressive policies like "defund the police" for their losses.

Warren (D), meanwhile, is confident that Biden's expected win is a victory for "the most progressive economic and racial justice platform of any general election nominee ever," as she wrote in her op-ed

As for the fact that the American people likely elected a Republican Senate and a larger number of Republican congressmen and therefore perhaps were not quite as keen on the most progressive platform ever?

Warren argues that Biden should ignore that fact, saying, "We need to deliver [on progressive promises], even as Republican leaders can't acknowledge the election outcome and plan to grind Congress to a halt."

The fact that Republicans won enough elections in 2020 to grind Biden's agenda to a halt is, apparently, an "election outcome" that Warren isn't interested in acknowledging.

Instead, she argues that "there are lots of big changes that a Biden-Harris administration can achieve through executive orders and agency action on day one."

election day didn t go as planned for democrats © press
Election Day didn't go as planned for Democrats

Among other things Warren thinks Biden should do without Congress, Warren argues that Biden should:

  • Cancel "billions of dollars" in student loan debt
  • Bypass patents for companies that have expended millions of dollars in research funds to develop life-saving drugs
  • Raise the minimum wage for all federal contractors to $15 an hour
  • Establish a "Racial and Ethnic Disparities Task Force" to "review racial disparities in pandemic funding."
  • Declare the climate crisis a national emergency
Warren concludes, "Even so, we know that Washington insiders and their establishment allies are ready to declare that unity and consensus mean turning over the governing keys to giant corporations and their lobbyists — the exact opposite of what voters want."

Warren does not state who these people are who are arguing this, because they do not exist.

Nevertheless, having demolished this straw man, Warren concludes, "Instead of allowing insiders to hijack the message sent by voters in both parties, we should listen to those voters and deliver real solutions to the problems we face."

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