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ISIS Fanatic Who Plotted to Behead Solider Among 100 Terrorists Due to Be Freed

Convicted terrorists set for release as early as next month

 on 9th November 2020 @ 12.00pm
patrick kabele  36  was jailed for 6 years after joining isis and planning to marry a 9 year old girl © press
Patrick Kabele, 36, was jailed for 6 years after joining ISIS and planning to marry a 9-year-old girl

An ISIS fanatic, who plotted to behead a soldier on the streets of London, UK, during an Anzac Day parade, is due to be freed, along with more than 100 convicted terrorists, as early as next month.

The Islamic State supporter, known only by the initials RXG, was convicted for the sickening plot in October 2015 but is now due for parole.

He is among dozens of deadly terrorists being considered for release back onto the streets of Britain after becoming eligible for parole. 

Also set for potential release are two childhood friends who were trained with weapons in Syria.

Others include a Londoner who downloaded terrorist manuals with assassination instructions, and a man who tried to join ISIS to marry a 9-year-old girl.

They're being considered for freedom after the February release of the UK's first al-Qaeda-inspired terrorist.

al qaeda terrorist moinul abedin  left  is already free and mohammed ghani  right   who threatened to kill police  is now up for parole © press
al-Qaeda terrorist Moinul Abedin (left) is already free and Mohammed Ghani (right), who threatened to kill police, is now up for parole

It emerged that Moinul Abedin, 47, who was jailed for 20 years in 2002 after collecting nearly 100kg of bomb-making chemicals in Birmingham, was released quietly after a parole hearing, the Daily Mail reported.

Abedin's arrest and prosecution followed an MI5 surveillance operation in which he was given the codename "Pivoting Dancer," according to The Times.

The disclosure comes after the decision last week to raise Britain's terror threat level to "severe," which means that an attack is considered "likely."

It also follows terrorist attacks in Paris and Vienna, with the attack in Austria involving a 20-year-old gunman who had been released early from prison after being jailed last year for trying to join ISIS abroad.

Police Chiefs in the UK are concerned the increased terrorist activity in Europe could embolden jihadists to strike in Britain, and the potential release of convicts is likely to stretch resources further.

The Anzac Day plotter - who is known by the initials RXG - is now 20 and became eligible for parole last month.

He is among a group of child offenders, like the killers of the toddler James Bulger, to be granted lifelong anonymity by the High Court.

RXG was jailed in October 2015 and ordered to serve a minimum of five years after he used social media and encrypted messages to incite Australian Sevdet Besim, 18, to behead police officers guarding an Anzac Day parade in Melbourne.

The plot was foiled and Besim was jailed for ten years.

According to The Times, a parole board was due to meet on Friday to discuss RXG's petition for freedom, but the convict's lawyer faced difficulty accessing his client.

The hearing is now expected to take place soon after December 2 - sometime after the lockdown in England is set to be lifted, with a decision on his fate expected a week or two after.

Chances of RXG being released are high, according to court papers relating to RXG's rehabilitation. 

officials revealed 110 people have reached the point to be referred for parole by justice secretary robert buckland © press
Officials revealed 110 people have reached the point to be referred for parole by Justice Secretary Robert Buckland

An assessment carried out in mid-2018 by forensic psychologist Dr. Louise Bowers stated: "RXG appears to have left his 'terrorist identity' behind and he is well on the way to developing a new stable and pro-social identity."

If denied parole, RXG would have to be moved to an adult prison where his supporters say he would be susceptible to "re-radicalization" and a deterioration of his mental health.

Despite turning 18 two years ago, he is currently in a young offenders' institution, and he was diagnosed as autistic after his conviction. 

If he is freed, RXG is likely to be heavily monitored and will face tough restrictions - such as being banned from using the internet - and if lawyers suspect others are aware of his links to terrorism, he could be given a new identity. 

Many convicted terrorists must now serve at least two-thirds of their sentence before being considered for release by the parole board and in February, the government changed the law to prevent such people from being automatically freed. 

Officials revealed over the weekend that 110 people have reached the two-thirds point and have been referred for parole by Justice Secretary, Robert Buckland.

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