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Pelosi: Trump is a 'Domestic Enemy' Who is 'Assaulting' America’s Elections

House speaker praises 'President-elect Biden' during news conference

 on 7th November 2020 @ 1.00pm
nancy pelosi blasted president trump as a  domestic enemy © press
Nancy Pelosi blasted President Trump as a 'domestic enemy'

Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) called President Donald Trump a "domestic enemy" who is launching an "assault" on America’s elections.

Speaker Pelosi attacked Trump during a Friday press conference while later praising "President-elect Biden."

During the presser, Pelosi told reporters: “So many people have said to me, and perhaps some of you along the way, what damage do you think Trump will do between losing the election and the inauguration of Joe Biden?”

“We knew he would be up to mischief,” she continued.

Pelosi then went on to President Trump of trying to "destroy" the presidential election.


pelosi attacked trump during a friday press conference © press
Pelosi attacked Trump during a Friday press conference

She claimed Trump is currently “trying to destroy the credibility of our elections, which we criticize other nations for doing….all enemies foreign and domestic making assault on our elections, well we have one domestic.”


Later in the news cnference, Pelosi made a point of refereing to Democratic nominee Joe Biden as "President-elect Biden," despite the election still being open.

"This morning it is clear that the Biden-Harris ticket will win the White House," she said of Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris.

Biden took the lead in Pennsylvania and Georgia - two states President Donald Trump cannot win without - and it put him on the cusp of victory. But the race has not been called yet. 

"How exciting it is to come before you today with Joe Biden having the tremendous mandate that he has," Pelosi told reporters on Capitol Hill Friday morning during her weekly press conference.

"And that pretty soon the hyphen will be gone from vice president to President-elect Joe Biden - a happy day for our country.

"Joe Biden is a unifier because he is determined to bring people together. 

"Because he respects all points of view," she added. 


Pelosi also addressed Democratic losses in the House.

The party kept its majority but it lost seats instead of picking up the five or so leaders predicted would swing their way.

pelosi called joe biden  president elect  despite the election not yet being called © press
Pelosi called Joe Biden 'President-elect' despite the election not yet being called

The speaker blamed that on the fact President Trump was on the ballot – unlike in the 2018 midterm election, which returned Pelosi to the speaker’s chair.

"We did not win every battle in the House but we did win the war," she said.

She said of the 2018 contest compared to the 2020 election:

"We won in districts, Trump districts, with Trump not on the ballot.

"The next election, he will be on the ballot and makes winning those districts a steeper climb."

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