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Rapper Lil Pump Threatens to Leave America if Trump NOT Reelected

Music star stands up in support of President Trump's election campaign

 on 3rd November 2020 @ 7.00pm
rapper lil pump says he will move away from the united states if joe biden wins the election © press
Rapper Lil Pump says he will move away from the United States if Joe Biden wins the election

Rapper Lil Pump has threatened to leave America if President Donald Trump does not get reelected in the 2020 presidential election.

In an explicit post on Twitter, the “Gucci Gang” star announced his decision to leave the U.S. if the results aren’t in his favor.

The call seems to be a response to several liberal celebrities who have vowed to leave the country if President Trump wins reelection.

However, Lil Pump, 20, said “no cap” during his pro-Trump declaration, which is slang that he isn’t lying.

"Yo, no cap. If Trump does not get elected, I'm moving the f--k out of here" the rapper said while wearing a Trump 2020 hat.

"I'm going to Colombia, f--k it," he added.

several celebrities have threatened to leave america if trump wins but  unfortunately  their word means nothing © press
Several celebrities have threatened to leave America if Trump wins but, unfortunately, their word means nothing

Lil Pump attended the president’s campaign rally in Florida on Sunday, according to Fox News.

The rapper became notoriously pro-Trump after he took a look at Joe Biden’s tax plan and reasoned that he would end up paying more to the federal government under a Biden presidency due to his wealth.

Lil Pump posted two videos to his Instagram Story on Sunday showing that he was in the front row of the president’s recent rally in the swing state.

The video opened with an excited-looking Lil Pump sporting a red “Make America Great Again” hat as he listened intently to Trump speak.

lil pump attended president trump   s campaign rally in florida on sunday © press
Lil Pump attended President Trump’s campaign rally in Florida on Sunday

The rapper’s public support for Trump began last week when the “Be Like Me” artist took to Instagram to share a Photoshopped image of himself shaking hands with the president.

He captioned the picture, “THE DAY I MET TRUMP #trump202022020.”

Lil Pump followed up that post with a video, which was shared by multiple social media users despite being removed.

In the clip, the rapper lambasts “Sleepy Joe” and praises his Republican opponent one week before the 2020 race comes to a close.

The social media endorsement caught so much backlash that Lil Pump’s label, Tha Lights Global, issued a statement to Billboard noting that it supports its musicians’ rights to vote the way they wish but noted that it backs Biden, 77, and running mate Sen. Kamala Harris for the White House.

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