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Antifa Thug Screams at NYPD: 'I Hope Your Children Get Raped & Killed'

Vicious Biden supporters clash with police while pro-Trump patriots flood New York

 on 2nd November 2020 @ 12.00pm
the antifa thug was filmed screaming  i hope your children get raped and killed  during clashes with nypd © press
The Antifa thug was filmed screaming 'I hope your children get raped and killed' during clashes with NYPD

A vicious Antifa thug was filmed screaming "I hope your children get raped and killed" at police officers during violent clashes with NYPD on Sunday.

The unidentified anti-Trump/anti-police protester was spotted screaming horrific abuse at cops during clashes in Manhattan on Sunday.

The incident took place as eleven supporters of Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden were arrested while gathering to confront a large pro-Trump caravan.

The huge caravan of President Donald Trump's supporters was seen driving around the Tri-State area while blocking traffic.

Video of the Antifa protester was shared on Twitter by Drew Hernandez, a producer for the podcast Lives Matter.


the antifa mobs attempted to intercept the pro trump caravan with violent clashes but failed © press
The Antifa mobs attempted to intercept the pro-Trump caravan with violent clashes but failed

After hurling obscenities at police officers, the thug is then heard yelling: "You’re a f*****g disgrace to society."


Video from the scene shows a large crowd of protesters facing-off with police officers in the Chelsea section of Manhattan on Sunday.

The group of anti-Trump demonstrators was there to counter a "MAGA" caravan that was expected to drive through parts of the city.

The caravan did not appear in the area.

Video shows police clashing with anti-Trump protesters on West 24th Street and 10th Avenue just before 2 pm in Chelsea, not far from the High Line, according to the New York Daily News.

NYPD officers on bicycles are seen in the video trying to move the protesters off the streets.

Some protesters are seen hitting police officers with umbrellas while the cops, in turn, use batons to subdue the demonstrators.

One witness said that protesters were allowed to walk on the street until they reached the Chelsea High Line overpass.

At that point, police instructed them to walk on the sidewalks.

"When they got under the viaduct, they (cops) pretty much just dispersed everyone, told everyone to get out the street," 24-year-old Danzail Johnson, who works as a doorman on West 24th Street, told the Daily News.

Johnson said that some of the demonstrators chanted: "How do you spell murderer? N-Y-P-D."

One of those arrested was Walter (Hawk) Newsome, a founder of the Black Lives Matter movement.

There were initial reports that two of the demonstrators arrested were journalists, but the NYPD said that none of those arrested had police-issued credentials.

"All arrested individuals from today’s protests have been verified to not be NYPD credentialed members of the press," the NYPD said in a statement.

The protesters initially gathered at Madison Square Park to confront the pro-Trump caravans that were seen on roadways in and around the New York metropolitan area on Sunday, according to the New York Post.

The group of demonstrators marched to the West Side Highway and then dispersed after it became apparent that the MAGA caravans would not be driving through Manhattan.

Hundreds of Trump supporters in sedans, pickup trucks, and sport utility vehicles waved pro-Trump banners and American flags from their cars as they formed a convoy that blocked traffic on New Jersey’s Garden State Parkway as well as the Mario Cuomo Bridge in Tarrytown, New York.

The first caravan was seen in New Jersey at around noon on Sunday.

Some 200 vehicles briefly shut down traffic on the Garden State Parkway northbound near Lakewood. Police said the caravan caused a 5-mile traffic backup.

The Trump supporters then gathered for a rally at Veterans Park in Berkeley - one of several planned for Sunday throughout New Jersey, according to the Asbury Park Press.

"It feels good to see people who feel the same way," Lakewood resident Eli Smith said.

One of the organizers of the Lakewood event said they wanted to show their support for the president just two days before Election Day.

"We're going to gather over here and we're going to show our greatest president that we support him here in New Jersey," Lakewood resident Baruch Brog, who helped organize the event, said.

"We're hoping to turn New Jersey red, and you never know, there's a big chance Trump could be winning New Jersey," he said.

"We're hoping for another win, a landslide win 2020."

Another pro-Trump MAGA caravan was seen blocking several lanes on the Mario Cuomo Bridge, which connects Rockland and Westchester Counties just north of New York City.

At one point, several of the drivers got out of their cars and waved pro-Trump flags.

the antifa thug appeared triggered by the positive vibe from the pro trump caravan © press
The Antifa thug appeared triggered by the positive vibe from the pro-Trump caravan

A local lawmaker, State Senator David Carlucci, a Democrat, slammed what he called "aggressive, dangerous, and reckless behavior by some Trump supporters."

Carlucci demanded that the state police identify the caravan participants and arrest them.

"Trump supporters are seen exiting their cars on the Gov. Mario M. Cuomo Bridge and causing danger to themselves and others in inclement weather and backing up Hudson Valley traffic," the state senator.

"The New York State Police should be working to identify these individuals and charging them.

"We all have the right to show support for a presidential candidate, but we do not have the right to endanger others and break the law."

However, the Trump supporters appeared in high spirits with police reporting zero incidents or arrests.

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