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Ex-Antifa Member Blows the Whistle: 'I Was Preconditioned to HATE America'

Former activist shares disturbing story of why he joined violent radical-left group

 on 31st October 2020 @ 12.00am
ex antifa member gabriel nadales says he was  preconditioned to hate america  by antifa © press
Ex-Antifa member Gabriel Nadales says he was 'preconditioned to hate America' by Antifa

A former member of the violent radical-left group Antifa has blown the whistle on the group to share the disturbing story of how he became part of the domestic terror organization.

Speaking during an interview with BlazeTV host Andrew Wilkow, Gabriel Nadales, author of the book "Behind the Black Mask: My Time as an Antifa Activist," revealed insider information on the destructive leftist group.

Nadales is speaking out to warn the public by sharing his troubling, yet all too common, story of why he ended up joining Antifa.

He explains that while growing up in the United States, the media (Spanish networks in particular) and school were his two main sources of anti-American propaganda.

"A lot of [Spanish media] stories are uniquely targeted to make Hispanics feel marginalized, and make it seem like Hispanics against America," Nadales said.


ex antifa member gabriel nadales is now blowing the whistle to warn the public about the group © press
Ex-Antifa member Gabriel Nadales is now blowing the whistle to warn the public about the group

"And in middle school and high school, I had several radical left-wing teachers who basically told me to hate America," Nadales continued.

"When you're bombarded with so many anti-American beliefs and sentiments, it's easy for somebody growing up in this country to learn to hate America," he added.

"Eventually I joined the Anti-Fascist [Antifa] movement because I was preconditioned to hate this country."

Nadales went on to explain that he believed "America and Neo-Nazis were one and the same" and how even concepts such as freedom of speech were conflated with fascism because of teachers who see themselves as "activists first and educators second."

Watch the video below to catch more of the conversation:

As Neon Nettle reported last month, the devastating violence and rioting in Portland over the Summer has not been sparked by opportunistic protesters but was "organized" by "violent Antifa anarchists," a leaked Department of Homeland Security (DHS) email revealed.

cities across america have been ravaged by violent antifa led riots and looting this year © press
Cities across America have been ravaged by violent Antifa-led riots and looting this year

The email reveals that DHS has uncovered "overwhelming intelligence" that proves that “Violent Antifa Anarchist Inspired” (VAAI) individuals have been behind the months of violence, rioting, and looting that have ravaged the Democrat-run Oregon city.

An email that was written by Brian Murphy, former Acting Under Secretary for Intelligence and Analysis at DHS, was obtained CBS News reporter Catherine Herridge.

Herridge posted the document on Twitter, revealing evidence unearthed during DHS's investigations.

In July, the violence in Portland had reached a level that officials could no longer state was “opportunistic” but that it was “organized,” according to the email.

The individuals who were attacking the federal facilities in the city did so “based on those ideologies,” Murphy stated in the email.

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