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Piers Morgan Slams Big Tech Censorship: ‘A Conspiracy Right In Front of Our Eyes’

Pundit blasts social media coverup of Biden scandal - 'Imagine if it was Don Jr.'s laptop'

 on 22nd October 2020 @ 12.00am
piers morgan blasted the mainstream media and big tech for the coverup of the biden family scandal © press
Piers Morgan blasted the mainstream media and Big Tech for the coverup of the Biden family scandal

Piers Morgan has slammed the attempts by Big Tech to cover-up the explosive scandal involving Joe Biden's family in the run up to the presidential election, arguing that "there is a conspiracy happening right in front of our eyes."

Speaking with Fox News's Tucker Carlson, Morgan also blasted the mainstream media for continuing to ignore the Hunter Biden email scandal.

Morgan told Carlson that true journalists do not allow their personal biases to affect what or how they report.

The "Good Morning Britain" co-host said journalists have an obligation to cover news fairly and to investigate bombshell claims thoroughly to determine their veracity no matter their personal viewpoint.

"[I]t doesn't matter what side you're on here. Journalism, freedom of speech, dictates -- the First Amendment dictates -- that when a story like this drops, and it's not being denied by the people it's accusing for six days now, clearly there is something there that they want to hide," the veteran reporter said.

"The job of a newspaper, of a television network, of anybody, frankly, in the media, who believes in freedom of speech and believes in journalism is to go and investigate the allegations the New York Post has made."

facebook and twitter have both been openly working to shut down the hunter biden story © press
Facebook and Twitter have both been openly working to shut down the Hunter Biden story

“It’s not the job of tech giants like Facebook and Twitter to have an instinctive reaction to suppress every element of that story or for most of the mainstream media to say: 'nothing to see here, in fact, the only story is this terrible smear on the Bidens',” Morgan continued as he took aim at Big Tech censorship.

"And I would say to you Tucker, imagine if we switched the names around.

"Imagine if the story was about Donald Trump Jr. and Donald Trump.

"What would be happening?" he asked.

"Do you think the tech giants would be suppressing the story?

"Would the mainstream media be ignoring the story saying it’s all just an unfair smear on the Trumps?”

“If you reverse this, Tucker, it would be a completely different situation and they would all be behaving in a completely different manner,” Morgan continued.

“This is one of the most extraordinary collective suppressions of freedom of speech that I have ever seen and it’s one of the main themes in my book, is what is going on with liberals frankly, and I consider myself to be one, but what is going on when liberals want to attack and suppress freedom of speech?”

 would the mainstream media be ignoring the story saying it   s all just an unfair smear on the trumps   piers morgan asked tucker carlson © press
'Would the mainstream media be ignoring the story saying it’s all just an unfair smear on the Trumps?' Piers Morgan asked Tucker Carlson

Morgan later noted that if Biden wins the story will not go away and that it is going to turn into the type of scandal that has “bedeviled presidents when they’ve tried to hide something.”

“I prefer to cut through the tribes and I think you do too, and cut to just a sense of fair play and the sense of fair play is you’ve got to address this story in the same way, with two weeks before an election, when Joe Biden wants to be president, you must expose him to exactly the same scrutiny you would do if it was Donald Trump and his son and, at the moment, that is not happening,” Morgan concluded.

“There is a conspiracy happening, right in front of our eyes, to make this story go away, and Joe Biden, you know, he wants to be the decent candidate, he wants to be the antidote to the devilish Donald Trump.

"Okay. Then come forward and speak honestly and openly about these allegations.”


Democrats and their allies in Big Tech and the media have tried to quash the stroy by claiming that the allegations of Biden family corruption are part of a "Russian disinformation campaign."

However, the Director of National Intelligence, the FBI, and the Justice Department, along with other senior intel officials, have all confirmed the leaks from Hunter Biden's laptop are "authentic" and not connected to Russia.

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