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Hunter Biden's Signature Appears on Laptop Repair Bill from Store that Leaked Files

Joe Biden's son signed documents for work on MacBook Pro computers at Delaware shop

 on 21st October 2020 @ 12.00am
hunter biden s signature has been found on documents from the delaware store than leaked his hard drive © press
Hunter Biden's signature has been found on documents from the Delaware store than leaked his hard drive

A document that carries Hunter Biden's alleged signature has emerged from the computer repair store that leaked a copy of his laptop hard drive to the media, according to reports.

Fox News reports that it has obtained documents purportedly showing Hunter Biden’s signature on paperwork from the Delaware computer repair shop where the former vice president's son allegedly left a laptop computer.

The laptop is the same computer that held emails related to his lucrative business dealings with China and Ukraine.

“The document allegedly signed by Biden details repair work that was to be performed on three MacBook Pro laptops at ‘The Mac Shop’ in Wilmington, Delaware,” Fox News reported, adding that the signature had not yet been verified to be Hunter Biden’s.

"Aside from the signature, the paperwork notes Biden’s name in the ‘bill to’ section for a cost of $85."

Additional documents obtained by the news outlet also appear to show communications between the FBI and the computer repair shop's owner, John Paul Mac Isaac.

the document appears to show hunter biden s signature and further corroborates the allegations © press
The document appears to show Hunter Biden's signature and further corroborates the allegations

Last week a New York Post report claimed that Hunter Biden’s laptop was abandoned at the computer shop in April 2019 for months and was found to contain e-mails that purportedly implicate Joe Biden in his son's international business dealings during his time as vice president.

One alleged "smoking gun" email from the Post appears to show that then-Vice President Joe Biden met with an executive from Burisma, the Ukrainian gas company where his son, Hunter Biden, served on the board.

The emails seemingly prove that Joe Biden lied when he insisted repeatedly that he was never involved with his son's business dealings.

Democrats Biden allies in the media have attempted to claim the leak is part of a "Russian disinformation" campaign.

However, Director of National Intelligence (DNI) John Ratcliffe confirmed the hard drive's legitimacy on Monday.

A second senior U.S. intelligence official has also later confirmed that the bombshell files leaked from Hunter Biden's laptop are the real deal.

"Data recovery for MacBook Pros: Attempt data recovery from 3 macbook pros [sic]. Recover data to store server and contact customer when complete," reads the $85 bill, which shows a signature at the bottom.

The Fox News report also includes a "proof of service" document with attached serial numbers for the laptop and its hard drive.

Additional documents shown in the report include an FBI "receipt of property" document with Mac Isaac's name on it and a subpoena for Mac Isaac to testify before a grand jury, according to The Blaze.

Mac Isaac claimed last week that he handed over the laptop and its hard drive to investigators at the FBI last year, but retained a copy of the hard drive because he "feared he would be killed by people who 'work for [Joe] Biden' and having it was 'protection.'"

He then allegedly passed the copied hard drive onto President Trump's personal attorney, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who in turn passed it onto the New York Post.

john paul mac isaac says he copied hunter biden s hard drive because he feared for his life and wanted  protection © press
John Paul Mac Isaac says he copied Hunter Biden's hard drive because he feared for his life and wanted 'protection'

The documents, if genuine, throw a bit of cold water onto the narrative currently being constructed by Democrats on the Hill and former intelligence officials that the story is part of a Russian disinformation campaign.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) told CNN's Wolf Blitzer recently, "We know that this whole smear on Joe Biden comes from the Kremlin.

"That's been clear for well over a year now that they've been pushing this false narrative about the vice president and his son."

But Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe fired back at the suggestion Monday, saying those claims of Russian involvement are false.

Ratcliffe pressed further, arguing that "the only intelligence that Adam Schiff gets is the intelligence that we, the intelligence community, give him, and we have given him no such intelligence."

Hunter Biden has yet to publicly deny dropping off the laptop at the computer repair shop in 2019.

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