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Whoopi Goldberg: 'I’m in a Depression Now Because of Trump'

'Every time I see him, he depresses me'

 on 20th October 2020 @ 8.00pm
goldberg vented frustrations with trump after a clip showed the president criticizing the effect a joe biden presidency would have on america © press
Goldberg vented frustrations with Trump after a clip showed the President criticizing the effect a Joe Biden presidency would have on America

Liberal actor and co-host of "The View" Whoopi Goldberg blamed President Donald Trump for causing her to sink into a depression.

The actress reacted to the president's words on the campaign trail.

"What is he talking about? I’m in a depression now, because of him," she said.

"Every time I see him, he depresses me," Goldberg admitted.

"Everything he says is pissing me off and depressing me," she said.

The anti-Trump actor vented frustrations after a clip showed the president criticizing the effect a Joe Biden presidency would have on America.

 i don   t know what rocket he   s on  but i   m getting off the rocket he   s on   goldberg said © press
'I don’t know what rocket he’s on, but I’m getting off the rocket he’s on,' Goldberg said

"If you vote for Biden, he will surrender your jobs to China," Trump stated.

"He will surrender your future to the virus," Trump said in the clip.

"He's going to lockdown, he's gonna want us to lockdown. He'll listen to the scientists."

"If I listened totally to the scientists, we would, right now, have a country that would be in a massive depression, instead of, well, like a rocketship."


Goldberg reacted angrily to the clip:

"I don’t know what rocket he’s on, but I’m getting off the rocket he’s on."

 what is he talking about  i   m in a depression now  because of him   whoopi goldberg © press
'What is he talking about? I’m in a depression now, because of him,' Whoopi Goldberg

"That’s ridiculous, but we’re about two weeks away from this election. Is this a winning strategy, Sunny?" she added.

"You think he’s making sense to folks, particularly people who may have lost loved ones over this?" she said.

The discussion was taken further by co-host Sunny Hostin, who said she was "disgusted" by Trump's comments.

"I'm just shocked to hear him say that. ... When you hear something like this coming from the president, who, in my view, is responsible for the deaths of over 200,000 Americans, now saying that he doesn’t listen to scientists and that he hasn’t listened to scientists," Hostin said.

"You know, it’s just ... it’s just remarkable, Whoopi, to me.

"It’s just remarkable because had he listened to scientists, he would have saved hundreds of thousands of lives."

"He’s just so reckless and cavalier about it. I’m actually disgusted this morning to hear that. I’m disgusted."

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