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Biden: It's 'Absolutely' OK to Raise Taxes During Economic Downturn

Democrat presidential nominee calls for increasing tax amid struggling economy

 on 17th October 2020 @ 12.00am
joe biden says americans should pay more tax during a struggling economy © press
Joe Biden says Americans should pay more tax during a struggling economy

Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden has declared that it is "absolutely" appropriate to make Americans pay more tax during a struggling economy.

Former Vice President Biden defended his plan to repeal President Donald Trump's tax cuts on the wealthy.

During an ABC town hall Thursday night, Biden argued that taxes should be raised during an economic downturn. 

Biden claimed about $1.3 trillion of Trump's $2 trillion tax cuts went to the top one percent of earners.

The ex-VP insists that he only wants to repeal the tax breaks for the wealthiest of Americans.

"That's what I'm talking about eliminating, not all the tax cuts that are out there," Biden said.

joe biden made the remarks during an abc town hall event on thursday night © press
Joe Biden made the remarks during an ABC town hall event on Thursday night

While throwing delicate, limp-wristed softballs at the Democratic nominee, ABC's George Stephanopoulos asked Biden if it was "wise" to raise taxes when the economy is weak right now amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

"Absolutely," Biden responded.

He then went on to cite a Moody's analysis of his tax plan saying it creates jobs and boosts the GDP.

Biden has said he doesn't want to raise taxes on Americans making under $400,000.

Meanwhile, Fox News host Tucker Carlson has raised questions about how multi-millionaire Biden has funded his family's lavish lifestyle while earning a government salary.

questions are mounting about how the biden family funds their lavish lifestyle © press
Questions are mounting about how the Biden family funds their lavish lifestyle

During his show on Fox Thursday night, Carlson took another look at the developing story about Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son, and his questionable business dealings abroad.

They have once again become a story as The New York Post has unveiled emails allegedly tied to the Bidens.

The bombshell emails have raised further questions about the Bidens enriching themselves during Joe's time in office as vice president.


However, Carlson said there were not just unanswered questions about Hunter Biden but also Joe Biden regarding his own livelihood.

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