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Savannah Guthrie Accused of Bias for Hostile Behavior Toward Trump During Town Hall

NBC host blasted after being visibly combative toward president

 on 16th October 2020 @ 7.00pm
savannah guthrie accused of anti trump hostility while hosting the nbc town hall © press
Savannah Guthrie accused of anti-Trump hostility while hosting the NBC town hall

NBC's Savannah Guthrie has been blasted for displaying hostile behavior toward President Donald Trump during his town hall on the network Thursday night.

The leftist host was slammed online and accused of bias for her treatment of President Trump during the NBC News town hall event that was held instead of the second presidential debate, which was canceled last week.

The moderator was visibly combative and pushed back forcefully against the president's responses.

The aggressive display was in stark contrast to the tone set by ABC's George Stephanopoulos in his dueling town hall for Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden.

Critics accused Guthrie, whose husband was former Vice President Al Gore’s traveling chief of staff during the 2000 presidential election cycle, of having a clear anti-Trump agenda during the event.

Fox News reported that "Viewers who tuned into the Peacock Network expected to hear questions from voters, but similarly to the NBC town hall with Biden, questions for nearly the first 20 minutes of the program came from the moderator."

savannah guthrie was widely blasted for her aggressive bias against president trump © press
Savannah Guthrie was widely blasted for her aggressive bias against President Trump

The outlet noted that, "Guthrie spent much of that time grilling Trump on masks and white supremacy," and "that didn't sit well with many."

As The Daily Wire reported, media jounalist Joe Concha highlighted one such instance of Guthrie’s aggressiveness toward the president, writing: “Trump denounces White Supremacy multiple times.

"Savannah Guthrie follows by accusing Trump of dodging.

"This is already an absolute joke.

"And does the audience get to ask questions?

"Trump pushes back by asking why Lester Holt didn’t ask about Antifa.

"Trump denounces white supremacy a good four times.

"Guthrie: ‘It sounds like you’re dodging.'”

Political commentator Lisa Boothe commented: “Why is Savannah Guthrie debating President Trump?

"I thought this was a town hall. The media is garbage these days.”

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld tweeted: “NBC is embarrassing itself. worse than expected.

"Guthrie is like a poorly disguised ambush. even she follows up with planned questions after the ‘townhall’ question. what a horrible show trial.”

Gutfeld later added: “Savanah is the new Karen. apologies to Karens.”

Political commentator Megyn Kelly noted: “So far, this is not a town hall for voters, it is designed to appease the angry NBC employees/Dems who are pissed off Trump’s on NBC at all.”

Reuters reporter James Oliphant wrote: “Savannah Guthrie tougher on Trump than most, but he also fought back and was better in this arena than he was in the first debate.”

Former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer wrote: “I just switched to NBC since ABC is in a commercial.

"Savanah[sic] Guthrie has interrupted Trump in these 60 seconds more than Stephanopulos has done to Biden in 40 mins.

"NBC is an interrogation. ABC is a picnic.”

Political commentator Dana Loesch wrote: “Guthrie’s performance here shows there is difference between being aggressive and being undisciplined.”

Federalist co-founder Sean Davis tweeted: “It’s turning into a nightmare for NBC News and Guthrie, who is now reading a question from a Biden voter (not her, someone else) about stimulus legislation, which Pelosi is blocking.

"Guthrie claims the Biden voter (again, not her) is ‘stuck in traffic.'”

Political commentator Dan Bongino tweeted: “Savannah Guthrie is, without a doubt, the worst moderator I have ever seen.”

savannah guthrie accused was accused of trying to debate with president trump © press
Savannah Guthrie Accused was accused of trying to debate with President Trump

Political commentator Bill O’Reilly tweeted: “This NBC thing with Mr. Trump is a complete setup. Ms. Guthrie is hostile.

"Meanwhile, it’s a smooch fest between Stephanopolus [sic] and Biden on ABC.”

Columnist Byron York tweeted: “It’s fine if NBC wants to have a Trump vs. Guthrie debate.

"Just don’t call it a town hall.”

Daily Caller social media manager Logan Hall tweeted: congrats to savannah guthrie on her new job working for the biden campaign.”

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