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Miami PD: 30,000 Vehicles Participated in Pro-Trump Car Parade in Florida

Thousands of Trump supporters took to Florida streets to protest against communism

 on 13th October 2020 @ 7.00pm
miami pd says 30 000 vehicles took part in the pro trump car parade © press
Miami PD says 30,000 vehicles took part in the pro-Trump car parade

The Miami Police Department has confirmed that an estimated 30,000 vehicles took part in the pro-Trump car parade that took place in South Florida over the weekend.

On Saturday morning, thousands of Cubans, Venezuelans, and other conservative Latinos descended on Miami's streets to join an "Anti-Communist" caravan.

Patriotic Latinos expressed their love for Ameria by flying flags of support for President Donald Trump and waving signs rejecting socialism and communism. 

The parade convened at the Magic City Casino and was called the "Anti-Communist Caravan for Freedom and Democracy."

Demonstrators waved flags supporting Trump's reelection, along with Cuban flags and other national flags.

Police estimated that 30,000 vehicles joined a caravan to express a historic rejection of communism, socialism, Marxism, and leftist totalitarian ideologies.

many at the parade expressed support for trump while rejecting communism © press
Many at the parade expressed support for Trump while rejecting communism

The parade's organizer, Orlando Gutiérrez-Boronat, told Breitbart the event was of unprecedented size and diversity.

Several people sported huge blowups of Trump's face, waving signs that slammed the supposed increase of radical-left ideology in the country.

Gutiérrez-Boronat – the co-founder of the Cuban Democratic Directorate, a human rights non-profit – joined a coalition of Cuban, Venezuelan, Nicaraguan, Chilean, Uruguayan, and other groups to create a “patriotic committee” responsible for the event.

The caravan doubled as both a public display of rejection to left-wing totalitarianism and a “drive-in” seminar on the history of communism.

Gutiérrez-Boronat said that the success of the event – particularly in attracting people of all ages, nationalities, and backgrounds – was unprecedented in decades of activism against socialism.

“This community is more united than ever,” Gutiérrez-Boronat said, describing the crowd at the event.

Gutiérrez-Boronat added that the size of the event – according to Miami police, he said, 30,000 vehicles participated, an unprecedented number – was just part of why it was different from other political moments in the past.

“It’s intergenerational because it spans different times of arrival (waves of migration) … it’s focused on anti-communism and anti-socialism,” he explained.

“There is clear leadership and strategy. … All the main organizations are working in the same direction.”

The organizer hailed the event as being representative of the “organic unity of a plural community unified against communism, que no le van a hacer cuentos [who won’t be fooled].”

miami police estimated there were 30 000 vehicles that participated in the parade © press
Miami police estimated there were 30,000 vehicles that participated in the parade

While the caravan was a non-partisan event, many participants took the opportunity to promote President Trump’s re-election campaign, waving Trump flags, wearing the now-iconic “Make America Great Again” cap, and dancing to the surprise salsa hit Trump Song by Los 3 de la Habana.


National Hispanic news outlets largely ignored the event, according to an analysis by Newsbusters, though some assigned it to local affiliates:

Telemundo did send a local crew, and filed a report on the local Miami affiliate’s website.

But so far, no video of the report on the caravan has been uploaded to social media where it can be easily shared by viewers and members of the community.

But even Telemundo’s meager effort is far better than Univision’s outright omission- as if this massive anti-communist caravan never even happened.

At least one local news outlet also attempted to claim that only hundreds attended the event, while also reporting the presence of 30,000 vehicles, bizarrely suggesting the majority of the vehicles in the parade were self-driving.

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