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Mayor Wheeler Losing Portland Mayoral Race to Communist Antifa Member

Far-left mayor is getting beat by more radical opponent

 on 8th October 2020 @ 3.00pm
portland mayor ted wheeler is getting beat in the mayoral race by a self declared antifa member © press
Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler is getting beat in the mayoral race by a self-declared Antifa member

Portland's far-left mayor, Ted Wheeler, is losing the mayoral race to a more radical opponent - pro-communist and self-declared Antifa member Sarah Iannarone.

The incumbent leader of the progressive Oregon city — where violent left-wing militants have been causing mayhem in the streets for months — is trailing behind the even-more-radical challenger Iannarone by 11 points, Willamette Week reported.

According to the survey, citing a poll of likely voters, Sarah Iannarone polled at 41% to Wheeler's 30% with the remaining 29% split between writing in a candidate (16%) or remaining undecided (13%).

The poll, conducted on behalf of the Portland Business Alliance, has a 4% margin of error, Willamette Week said.

While the PBA supports the far-left Wheeler, neither campaign conducted the poll; that was handled by DHM Research, the paper said.

Wheeler has worked to create in-roads with Portland’s progressive community, largely supporting the Black Lives Matter demonstrations and Antia-left unrest that often turned violent and, at one point, required federal intervention.

mayor ted wheeler even joined antifa riots on portland streets   not radical enough © press
Mayor Ted Wheeler even joined Antifa riots on Portland streets - not radical enough

However, as the unrest wore on for over 100 days, Portland’s “anti-fascists”  eventually turned on their leftist mayor to become "anti-Wheeler," according to The Daily Wire.

Wheeler’s home in a high-end residential area of Portland became a prime target for the nightly protests and, ultimately, an arson attack that left part of the building damaged.

Wheeler was forced to relocate and even apologize to high neighbors for attracting destructive demonstrations.

“I want to express my sincere apologies for the damage to our home and the fear that you are experiencing due to my position,” Wheeler said in an email to the other residents of his $840,000-per-unit condominium building.

“It’s unfair to all of you who have no role in politics or in my administration.”

His far-left policies, it seems, simply aren’t enough for Portland residents who blame Wheeler for encouraging even the low level of law enforcement intervention that some activists blame for encouraging the ongoing “anti-fascist” unrest, even though Wheeler forbid police from using most non-lethal means of crowd control and strenuously objected to state and federal efforts to step up enforcement in Portland.

Wheeler is up for re-election and his constituents seem prepared to jettison him in favor of Sarah Iannarone, described by Willamette Week as “an unknown Portland State University bureaucrat…preaching the value of sustainability and smarter transportation and land-use policies.”

communist antifa member sarah iannarone is about as far left as politicians come © press
Communist Antifa member Sarah Iannarone is about as far-left as politicians come

Iannarone is about as far-left as politicians come.

Back in early July, when the Portland demonstrations were still in their infancy, she tweeted that she was “Goddamn tired of watching reporters, medics, legal observers, peaceful protesters, and, yes, vandals getting targeted, arrested & assaulted by Portland Police. F*ck you, Ted Wheeler, seriously.”

She later declared her allegiance to the “Antifa” movement, calling herself an “everyday anti-fascist,” and declaring that, “I am Antifa.”

In case that wasn’t clear enough, Iannarone has a distinctive campaign wardrobe, which includes a skirt featuring the silkscreened likenesses of a number of Communist dictators.

The patchwork skirt has icons of Mao Zedong, Fidel Castro, and Che Guevara among others.

She’s also beating Wheeler by 11 points according to the latest polls compiled by a polling agency that is reportedly favorable to Wheeler.

“It’s an especially notable result given that the poll was not conducted by either campaign, though PBA is supporting the mayor,” Willamette Week noted.

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