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Antifa Thugs Drag Woman of Color to the Ground by Her Hair for Holding American Flag

Video shows violent mob attacking woman on streets of Portland

 on 6th October 2020 @ 1.00am
the vicious antifa thugs dragged the woman to the ground by her hair © press
The vicious Antifa thugs dragged the woman to the ground by her hair

A violent mob of leftist thugs attacked a woman of color in Portland, Oregon, on Sunday, dragging her to the ground by her hair in a vicious assault as they attempted to take her American flag, video of the incident shows.

The unnamed victim was holding the U.S. flag while participating in a protest when she was set upon by the angry mob, but resolutely gripped the flag and refused to let go throughout the attack before she finally freed herself and walked away.

Journalist Andy Ngo, who has testified in front of the United States Congress as an expert witness on Antifa, identified the assailants as “Antifa” militants.

He stated that the victim holding the flag was a woman of color.

According to Ngo, Antifa was attacking conservative demonstrators — one of whom was the woman of color holding a U.S. flag.

However, the violent left-wing thugs, despite having an apparent physical and numerical advantage, came away empty-handed.

the savage mob dragged the victim to the ground by her hair during the attack © press
The savage mob dragged the victim to the ground by her hair during the attack

When one of the militants grabbed her flag pole from behind and tried to take it from her, she wouldn't let go, according to The Blaze.

Another joined in to help try to pull it from her — but the dynamic duo failed to gain the upper hand.

With that yet another leftist jumped in — a female apparently — and grabbed the flag-holding woman by her hair before dragging her down to the sidewalk. And the victim still wouldn't let go.

As a crowd gathered around the scrum, amazingly an Antifa female blocked and got in the face of a man holding a Thin Blue Line flag who towered over her by at least a foot.

It appeared he was coming over to intervene.

But in the end, the attacked woman didn't need any help.

Just seconds later she emerged from the pile — still holding her American flag while Antifa was forced to settle for handfuls of air and yet another embarrassing failure.

Here's the clip. Content warning: Violence and language:

After the victim walked away, a man from the pro-American group faced off and argued with an Antifa militant who hollered astoundingly that the fight was "woman on woman" as his voice repeatedly cracked.

Seems puberty is better late than never.

the pro american group faced off and argued with an antifa thug © press
The pro-American group faced off and argued with an Antifa thug

The pro-American demonstrator who was arguing with the Peter Brady wannabe was wearing a "Justice for Jay" shirt.

It's a reference to Aaron "Jay" Danielson, a police and Patriot Prayer supporter who was fatally shot by an avowed Antifa militant after a rally backing President Donald Trump in late August.

According to KOIN-TV, supporters of Danielson gathered downtown Sunday at the spot where he was shot and killed, and "it appeared as if people with left-leaning and right-leaning ideologies got in some heated discussions in the streets.

"Some people reported being maced or hit with pepper spray."

Sgt. Kevin Allen told the station that police were monitoring the event but no arrests were made.

But the protests continued and at least six people were arrested in Portland Sunday evening.

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