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California Gov Signs Bill to Use Taxpayer Funding for Transgender Treatments

Bill provides children and adults with gender transitioning drugs and surgeries

 on 2nd October 2020 @ 12.00am
gov  newsom signed the new bill into law allowing tax dollars to be used for children s transgender treatments © press
Gov. Newsom signed the new bill into law allowing tax dollars to be used for children's transgender treatments

California's Democrat governor, Gavin Newsom, has signed a new bill into law allowing taxpayer money to used to fund transgender treatments for adults and children.

Gov. Newsom signed AB 2218 into law September 26 to establish the Transgender Wellness and Equity Fund.

The fund uses tax dollars to hand out grants to nonprofits, hospitals, and health care clinics that provide transgender-identifying minors and adults with life-altering gender-transitioning drugs and surgeries.

Opponents of the legislation have been battling the bill for months.

Critics point out that permanent infertility is one of the side effects of a combination of cross-sex hormones and puberty-blocking drugs.

The Center for Transyouth Health and Development at Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles (CHLA) is even warning parents of the irreversible damage gender transitioning drugs cause their children.

the new fund will use taxpayer money to pay for transgender treatments © press
The new fund will use taxpayer money to pay for transgender treatments

Before trans-identifying minors are allowed to start their transition using puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones, CHLA requires their parents to sign a consent form that says the following:

“If your child starts puberty blockers in the earliest stages of puberty, and then goes on to gender-affirming hormones, they will not develop sperm or eggs.

"This means that they will not have biological children.”

The consent form continues with the following sentence underlined and in italics:

“This is an important aspect of blocking puberty and progressing to hormones that you should understand prior to moving forward with puberty suppression.”

Assemblymember Miguel Santiago (D-Los Angeles), one of the bill's co-authors, says it provides "critical medical and direct supportive services for transgender, gender non-conforming and/or intersex people, otherwise know as TGI."

Jonathan Keller, President of the California Family Council told CBN's Newswatch that parents and children aren't always getting the full facts about the long-term impact of those decisions.

"AB 2218 would essentially allow minor children to obtain not just counseling, but also puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and potentially even life-altering surgeries amputations, mutilations, that could leave them permanently sterile all before they turn 18," he said.

Keller also warned that other states are considering similar laws.

"Unfortunately what happens in California often doesn't stay there. It does tend to get exported around the rest of the country," Keller concluded. 

And some California doctors are speaking out against the measure because of concerns about the medical risks for children, like infertility.

They're also worried about a loss of treatment control for healthcare professionals.

Several Republican state officials have criticized the bill, urging parents not to overlook the reality of these life-altering experiments and the adverse effects they can have on children.

the fund will use tax dollars to pay for life altering gender transitioning treatments for adults and children © press
The fund will use tax dollars to pay for life-altering gender-transitioning treatments for adults and children

Dr. James Dobson, president of the James Dobson Family Institute, said AB 2218 "supports gender mutilation and sterilization."

"No rational society or compassionate individual could possibly celebrate the mutilation of adolescents or adults," Dobson said.

"And yet this bill would fund procedures including double mastectomies on adolescent girls and genital amputations and reconstructive procedures for individuals older than 18.

"This isn't the fulfillment of personal autonomy—this is the celebration of acts of cruelty.

"Experimenting on vulnerable children and adults is not just unethical; it is morally repugnant."

Meanwhile, Gov. Newsom maintains that these measures are creating a more equitable nation.

"California has some of the strongest pro LGBTQ+ laws in the nation and with the bills signed today, our march toward equality takes an additional step forward," said Gov. Newsom.

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