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Care Home Nurse Claims COVID is a Hoax, Says She's Seen 'No Evidence of Killer Virus'

Carly Louise Stewart fired for attending anti-lockdown protest in her uniform

 on 1st October 2020 @ 12.00pm
carly louise stewart was fired from her job as a care home nurse after she attended a protest in her uniform © press
Carly Louise Stewart was fired from her job as a care home nurse after she attended a protest in her uniform

A care home nurse, who was fired from her job after she attended an anti-lockdown protest in London wearing her uniform, claims that the COVID-19 pandemic is a hoax because she's seen "no evidence of a killer virus."

31-year-old Carley Louise Stewart of Preston, UK, was among the 10,000 protesters who took to the streets of London in August to demonstrate against lockdown restrictions and vaccination programs.

Stewart lost her job at the Ribble View care home in Fishwick after images emerged of her dressed in her uniform and brandishing a placard with "Nurse on call. Where's the pandemic?" on one side and "We have empty beds" on the other.

The mother-of-two argues that the lockdown restrictions have done more harm to the British public than coronavirus.

She reportedly told The Daily Mail that she was compelled to take action after seeing "absolutely no evidence of a killer virus, let alone a pandemic."

Her claims come after the global death toll since the outbreak emerged in China late last year reached the grim one million milestone on Sunday.

carley louise stewart was fired after her claims covid 19 is a hoax went viral © press
Carley Louise Stewart was fired after her claims COVID-19 is a hoax went viral

Having lost her job, Carley said she's now determined to speak out on behalf of people who are "suffering" as a result of being isolated from friends and family. 

"At the start of the pandemic, I was worried but as time went on, I saw absolutely no evidence of a killer virus, let alone a pandemic," she said.

"While there were news reports saying the elderly were dying in droves in care homes, in the home where I was working no one became ill and no one died. Of anything.

"I can't bear dishonesty of any kind, and I could see dishonesty on a massive scale during this so-called pandemic.

"I couldn't stand by and not say anything.

"I'd be as complicit in the lies if I did that," she added.

"I'm not doing this for myself – I don't need the hassle to be honest.

"I'm doing it for the people who are suffering, especially those in care homes, separated from friends and family, slowly losing the will to live. 

"Thanks to the lockdown, people are now malnourished, despairing, and losing their minds.

"Where are the figures on that?

"Many care home residents are now at breaking point and I need to speak up on their behalf."

When the UK was plunged into lockdown in March this year, Carley told how she and her colleagues prepared for the worst.

But she claims no deaths occurred at the care home where she worked, between January and August, leading her to have doubts about the scale of the pandemic and the measures in place to stem its spread.

When she decided to attend the rally organized by Save Our Rights UK, a group led by political campaigner Louise May Creffield and Jeremy Corby's activist brother Piers, Carley said colleagues of hers shared her line of thinking.

"By then, I could see the harm the lockdown was doing – not just to the elderly in care homes, many of whom had become depressed and suicidal due to being distanced from their loved ones, but to everyone," she explained.

"I was hearing about suicides, murders, domestic violence, and child abuse.

"Mental health problems soared as restriction after restriction was put in place. 

"I saw no virus, no deaths but I could see that the lockdown was killing people."

"I tried to get [other nurses and doctors] on board but they were too scared of losing their jobs," she continued.

"Although many of them agreed with my views on the situation... they didn't feel they were in a position to speak out."

Carley said she did manage to persuade a few other nurses to accompany her to the rally - most not in uniform - and got one of them to pose for photos with her, but couldn't talk them into going public with their theories.

"It wasn't just their fear of losing their jobs, they were scared that they wouldn't be believed, and that they'd be ridiculed and humiliated," she claimed. 

"So they just kept quiet."

When photos of her at the protest went viral on social media, Carley received a phone call from her boss and was asked to attend a meeting.  

"I knew I was in trouble but I didn't care," she admitted, adding that she told the care home manager: "I can't work like this and you shouldn't be either."

She said she later received a formal dismissal via email, which informed her wearing her uniform to a protest was a breach of company policy. 

It also stated that Carley attending a protest and exposing herself to thousands of people with no social distancing meant she was putting herself and, in turn, the care home staff and residents, at substantial risk. 

More than 15,000 people died of the virus in care homes earlier this year, according to official figures, after it was reported that many elderly residential facilities were flooded with COVID-19 patients returning from hospital. 

Carley said she doesn't believe viruses spread in the way we are led to believe.

The World Health Organisation [WHO] states COVID-19 is transmitted through direct contact with respiratory droplets of an infected person generated through coughing and sneezing, as well as people touching surfaces contaminated with the virus and then touching their eyes, nose or mouth.

"Personally, I know through my studies, that viruses are not even contagious – they're the body's reaction to being generally unhealthy or run down," Carley argued.

"Colds and flu – coronaviruses – are outward symptoms of your body having a clear-out and fixing itself.

"The best way of not getting ill is by eating healthily, exercising regularly, avoiding toxins, drinking lots of water, and getting enough sleep. 

"Vaccines and prescribed drugs are not about health – they're just about the big pharmaceutical companies making money.

"They make money by keeping us ill: most people know that now."

Outspoken Carley says she doesn't care what people think of her, adding: "I know who I am and if anyone thinks I'm something I'm not, that's their prerogative.

"What other people think of me is none of my business."

carley louise stewart  says she was fired for attending a lockdown protest in her uniform © press
Carley Louise Stewart says she was fired for attending a lockdown protest in her uniform

Speaking about losing the job she "loves," she admitted: "It's very important to me - but the truth is more important.

"I knew that by speaking out on social media - which I was doing a lot by then - and attending protests, there was a risk that I'd be suspended or sacked, but it was a risk I was prepared to take.

"Like most people, I need money to live, but I had some savings and I knew that if I was fired, I could get by on that for a bit.

"I'm a very 'in the moment' kind of person and try not to think too far ahead and it was that part of my personality which enabled me to do what I did."

Knowing she has a four and seven-year-old to support, Carley's newfound followers offered to set up a GoFundMe page for her, but she declined.  

"It didn't seem right," she said.

"I'm managing OK at the moment – for the next month or so anyway – and I'm confident that a new job will pop up soon.

"For now though – being a truther and whistleblower – is my job.

"I feel this is what I've been put here to do.

"It's going to be a fight, but I'm ready."

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