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Newt Gingrich Exposes How the Bidens Worked with China to Enrich Themselves

Republican former House speaker lifts the lid on foreign dealings by Joe Biden's family

 on 27th September 2020 @ 6.00pm
newt gingrich says the bidens worked with china to get rich     at america s expense © press
Newt Gingrich says the Bidens worked with China to get rich — at America's expense

Republican former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich has lifted the lid on how Joe Biden's family worked with China to enrich themselves through personal business dealings.

In a new op-ed for Fox News, Gingrich says the Bidens worked with the Chinese Communist Party to get rich at America's expense.

Gingrich points to an official trip then-Vice President Joe Biden took to China in 2013, which he brought along his son, Hunter Biden.

Just ten days after the trip, Hunter’s small investment firm partnered with the Communist Party-owned Bank of China to establish a private equity fund - Bohai Harvest RST (BHR).

The new company ended up raking in some $1.5 billion from the deal.

Curiously, Hunter had no background in private equity and no relevant expertise.

hunter biden is accused of using taxpayer funded officials trips to china to cut personal business deals © press
Hunter Biden is accused of using taxpayer-funded officials trips to China to cut personal business deals

Moreover, Hunter had no serious experience in China, according to Gingrich.

We now know from newly released travel records that Hunter traveled to China five times between 2009 and 2014, but that’s it.

Hunter did have one important qualification, though: He was the son of a sitting vice president. 

Even more striking, then-President Obama had effectively made Biden the administration’s point man for dealing with China.

It would be willful blindness to ignore this fact.

This is just one piece of the remarkable — and largely hidden — story of the troubling financial relationship between the Biden family and the Chinese government.

This relationship led to shady business deals that enriched the Bidens, in some cases at America’s expense.

Hunter’s role with BHR is especially troubling because of the company’s involvement in deals that raised national security concerns. 

For example, BHR partnered with a Chinese military contractor to acquire a Michigan-based producer of vibration-dampening equipment, which has military applications.

BHR also invested in strategic mineral resources in Africa — including in a Congolese mine that was the site of egregious human rights abuses.

Hunter sat on the firm’s board of directors during each deal.

And none of this even gets into Hunter’s intricate dealings with Burisma, a corrupt energy company in Ukraine, and Yelena Baturina, a powerful Russian oligarch who used to be married to Moscow’s mayor — dealings that involved millions of dollars.

Biden wants us to believe he’s so close to his son.

It boggles the mind to imagine he didn’t notice some of these deals and trips that Hunter was taking.

Did he never ask his son about his work and travels when they talked?

Did he not notice any change in his child’s lifestyle?

newt gingrich says joe biden s family was working with the communist party f china to enrich themselves © press
Newt Gingrich says Joe Biden's family was working with the Communist Party f China to enrich themselves

It’s difficult not to draw some connection between Hunter’s business dealings and his father’s consistent rhetoric downplaying the threat posed by China.

As vice president, Joe Biden repeatedly described a rising China as a “positive development” for America and the world. In 2011, he even said he “fully understands” China’s one-child policy, before walking back his remarks.

And don’t forget what Joe Biden said during the 2020 presidential campaign: “China is going to eat our lunch? Come on, man …

"They’re not competition for us … we can do all we need to do without punishing anybody.”

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