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Seattle Mayor Facing Possible Federal Charges Over 'CHOP' Zone Riots

Justice Department considers charges against Democrat Mayor Jenny Durkan

 on 17th September 2020 @ 5.00pm
the doj is considering federal charges for mayor jenny durkan over the chop fiasco © press
The DOJ is considering federal charges for Mayor Jenny Durkan over the CHOP fiasco

The Department of Justice (DOJ) is considering federal charges for Seattle's Democrat Mayor Jenny Durkan over her role in facilitating the violent "autonomous zone" in her city, according to reports.

Durkan failed to crack down on a so-called "CHAZ" or "CHOP" zone that was controlled for weeks by rioters after they seized a downtown area of Seattle drove police from the neighborhood.

The New York Times reported on Wednesday evening that Attorney General William Barr has instructed the DOJ’s civil rights division to investigate whether charges can be brought against Durkan.

The Times cites two people familiar with the discussions.

AG Barr has also ordered federal prosecutors to consider charging rioters with sedition and insurrection against the U.S. government, according to a separate report in The Wall Street Journal. 

Over the summer, rioters took control of several city blocks and the SPD's East Precinct as protests and riots took place following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis on May 25.

the chop zone became a  cop free  hotbed of lawless thuggery © press
The CHOP zone became a 'cop-free' hotbed of lawless thuggery

Durkan eventually ordered police to move into the area and reestablish order following several deadly shootings.

As The Daily Wire reported at the time:

Although the CHOP demonstrations were largely peaceful at first, within the last week there have been three shootings, leaving at least one person dead, one in critical condition, and three others with injuries, according to reports.

Long-term residents of Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood expressed their frustration with the protests to city officials last week, telling local media that they no longer felt “safe” in the “occupied” neighborhood and threatening to move their homes and businesses from Capitol Hill permanently.

The mayor, members of the city council, and other city officials continued to defend the protests, claiming that a dangerous, unassociated “element” moved into the CHOP at night, disrupting the zone’s “healing” and “educational” environment.

Seattle’s Mayor Jenny Durkan even expressed hope that the protests could continue on a more part-time basis.

Barr’s reported push to charge rioters with federal crimes emphasizes the Trump administration’s push to reestablish law and order across America’s major cities, which have together been rocked by record amounts of damage.

Insurance companies may shell out a record $2 billion to businesses and individuals because of riot-related destruction.

rioters drove cops from the area and seized control of the spd s east precinct © press
Rioters drove cops from the area and seized control of the SPD's East Precinct

President Trump has turned the rampant violence spawned by hundreds of out-of-control riots into a major campaign issue, painting Democratic candidate Joe Biden as a weak leader who would be unable or unwilling to crack down.

Biden finally condemned the violence that had been plaguing the country for months in late August.

Charging rioters with breaking federal laws against sedition may be difficult because of protections guaranteed under the First Amendment.

According to The Wall Street Journal:

To bring a sedition case, prosecutors would have to prove there was a conspiracy to attack government agents or officials that posed an imminent danger, legal experts said.

They added that there is a fine line between the expression of antigovernment sentiment, which could be protected speech under the First Amendment even if it included discussions of violence, and a plot that presented an imminent danger and could justify a charge of sedition.

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