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Kamala Harris' Security Spotted Guarding Her with Guns She Vows to Ban

Anti-gun Democrat VP hopeful supports defunding police - seen surrounded by armed cops

 on 17th September 2020 @ 12.00am
kamala harris wants to ban assault rifles and defund police  except when they are protecting her © press
Kamala Harris wants to ban assault rifles and defund police, except when they are protecting her

Democratic vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris was spotted leaving an appearance in Miami where she was heavily guarded by a security detail armed with the same type of gun she has vowed to ban.

Photos show the Democrat VP hopeful leaving Florida Memorial University last week, ironically being protected by the same assault rifle that she promised to ban within the first 100 days of her term.

Aside from her own armed Secret Service protection, there was also a heavy police presence to add additional security at the event for Harris, who also supports defunding the police.

Harris pledged to ban "assault weapons" during her run for president last year in a CNN town hall.

The California senator said she would take "executive action" to force her anti-Second Amendment policies if Congress didn't pass reasonable gun safety laws, which included enhanced background checks. 

At the venue where Harris spoke, at least two dozen officers were drafted to protect the Democrat who supports defunding the police and reallocating funds to community organizations. 

kamala harris was seen with a heavily armed security detail © press
Kamala Harris was seen with a heavily-armed security detail

Also seen with Harris was her husband Doug Emhoff who emerged behind her wearing a white mask and being escorted by security, according to The Daily Mail.

Harris made the vow in April 2019 during a CNN town hall, where she said, "Upon being elected, I will give the United States Congress 100 days to get their act together and have the Courage to pass reasonable gun safety laws.

"And if they fail to do it, then I will take executive action."

At the time, Harris said that if people "want to go hunting, that's fine" but said she would force through new gun laws, including requiring universal background checks. 

"There are people in Washington, D.C., supposed leaders, who have failed to have the courage to reject a false choice which suggests you're either in favor of the Second Amendment or you want to take everyone's guns away," she said.

At the event last week, there were about two dozen officers, with some officers coming from as far as Homestead, which is about 30miles from Miami. 

When the officers were asked how they felt about the Democratic Party's intentions to defund the police, they said they want more funding and more training as well. 

Many of the officers were seen standing near their motorcycles with their handguns holstered, while a member secret service was seen with the rifle strapped across his body. 

Harris has supported redistributing police funding, saying in June: "For far too long the status quo thinking has been to believe that by putting more police on the street you're going to have more safety.

"And that's just wrong, that's not how it works."

Harris said the way to create "healthy communities" was by investing in core community needs such as educational opportunities, jobs, home ownership, and affordable housing.

Harris was meeting with members of the black community Thursday to speak about race relations in South Florida and discussed the current presidential campaign.  

She met with the local leaders at the historically black university in Miami Gardens while wearing a black mask.  

"You truly are the future of our country," she said into a microphone outside of the university.

"You are the ones who are going to inspire us and fight for the ideals of our country.

"My feet hit the ground almost minutes after Joe asked me to join him on the ticket because there's just so much at stake in this election," she added.

 defund the police  and gun grab advocate kamala harris enjoyed a very heavy police presence © press
'Defund the police' and gun-grab advocate Kamala Harris enjoyed a very heavy police presence

This was the VP candidate's first visit to the battleground state while on the campaign trail and she was greeted by a marching band before the hour-long discussion with local Black leaders.

She spoke very little of gun control and instead focused on race relations and the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Talking about a virus that has impacted over six million people directly, those who have contracted it and, frankly, a dereliction of duty," Harris said.

"The president of the United States has as one of their most important duties to concern themselves with protecting the safety, the well-being of the American people.

"I think that it is very clear from the most recent comments, plus from his actions for months now, that the president has acted with a reckless disregard of human life."

Harris added that a Biden administration would offer a different approach to the pandemic.

"Joe and I feel very strongly about the need to address these issues by speaking truth about the science and then having a national plan that is about testing, it's about treatment and when, God willing, we get a vaccine, about distribution of a vaccine," Harris said.

"The health and well-being of our nation is at stake."

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