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Chinese Whistleblower: China's Government 'Intentionally' Released COVID-19

Top virologist who fled Chinese Communist Party says coronavirus created in a lab

 on 16th September 2020 @ 1.00pm
chinese virologist dr  li meng yan says china intentionally manufactured and released the covid 19 © press
Chinese virologist Dr. Li-Meng Yan says China intentionally manufactured and released the COVID-19

A leading Chinese virologist-turned-whistleblower, who fled China to expose the country's ruling Communist Party (CPC), has claimed that her government created COVID-19 in a lab and then "intentionally" unleashed it on the world.

Dr. Li-Meng Yan, who was studying the early outbreak of COVID-19 in China, has published a new report claiming she has proof that the Chinese government manufactured and released the coronavirus that led to mass shutdowns and deaths across the world.

Doctor Yan published her claims on Zenodo, an open-access digital platform.

The scientist wrote that she believes COVID-19 was “conveniently created” within a lab setting over a period of just six months.

“SARS-CoV-2 shows biological characteristics that are inconsistent with a naturally occurring, zoonotic virus,” Yan states in her report.

Early reports of the origin of the coronavirus, or “spillover event,” were that the virus jumped from animal to human within a wet market in the Chinese city of Wuhan sometime in late 2019.

dr  li meng yan told fox news host tucker carlson that covid 19 was created by china  on purpose © press
Dr. Li-Meng Yan told Fox News host Tucker Carlson that COVID-19 was created by China 'on purpose'

“The natural origin theory, although widely accepted, lacks substantial support,” Dr. Yan writes in the report.

“The alternative theory that the virus may have come from a research laboratory is, however, strictly censored on peer-reviewed scientific journals.

"Nonetheless, SARS-CoV-2 shows biological characteristics that are inconsistent with a naturally occurring, zoonotic virus.”

Yan doubled-down on her claims during an interview with Fox News host Tucker Carlson Tuesday.

Carlson specifically asked Dr. Li-Meng Yan whether she believed the Chinese Communist Party released the virus "on purpose."

"Yes, of course, it's intentionally," she responded on "Tucker Carlson Tonight."

Yan said more evidence would be released but pointed to her own high-ranking position at a World Health Organization (WHO) reference lab as a reason to trust her allegation.

"I work[ed] in the WHO reference lab which is the top coronavirus lab in the world, in the University of Hong Kong," she said.

"And the thing is I get deeply into such investigation in secret from the early beginning of this outbreak.

"I had my intelligence because I also get my own unit network in China, involved [in] the hospital ... also I work with the top corona[virus] virologist in the world," she continued.

"So, together with my experience, I can tell you, this is created in the lab ... and also, it is spread to the world to make such damage."


Yan's comments conflicted with the opinion of Dr. Anthony Fauci, a White House coronavirus adviser, who previously cast doubt on the idea the virus was artificially created.

In May, he told National Geographic: "If you look at the evolution of the virus in bats, and what's out there now is very, very strongly leaning toward this [virus] could not have been artificially or deliberately manipulated—the way the mutations have naturally evolved."

Other scientists have panned the idea that COVID-19 served as a sort of bioweapon or was released by a lab.

Fox News previously reported on Yan when she blew the whistle on China's alleged attempts to suppress information about its handling of the virus.

With a vast network of contacts in Chinese medical facilities, Yan attempted to gather more information about the virus as China blocked overseas experts from conducting research in the country.

dr  li meng yan fled china and vowed to  tell the truth of covid 19 to the world © press
Dr. Li-Meng Yan fled China and vowed to 'tell the truth of COVID-19 to the world'

Her revelations fueled ongoing complaints that the Chinese government failed to tell the world early on about the virus's threat. 

Specifically, she believes the Chinese government ignored research that could have saved lives.

The State Department has yet to respond to the allegations.

In response, her former employer, the University of Hong Kong, criticized her account.

A press release noted, "that the content of the said news report does not accord with the key facts as we understand them."

"Specifically, Dr. Yan never conducted any research on human-to-human transmission of the novel coronavirus at [the University of Hong Kong] during December 2019 and January 2020, her central assertion of the said interview."

Yan, who said she was one of the first scientists in the world to study the novel coronavirus, fled China and currently fears retaliation.

She was allegedly asked by her supervisor at the University/WHO reference lab, Dr. Leo Poon, in 2019 to look into the odd cluster of SARS-like cases coming out of mainland China at the end of December 2019.

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