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Kayleigh McEnany: Blaming Trump for Violence Like Arsonist Blaming Firefighters

WH press secretary fire back at reporters blaming president for unrest

 on 2nd September 2020 @ 4.00pm
 i   ll leave you with this  that s like the arsonist blaming the firefighter   kayleigh mcenany said © press
'I’ll leave you with this. That's like the arsonist blaming the firefighter,' Kayleigh McEnany said

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany accused Democrats of shifting blame away from stoking the violence in cities like Portland to directly blaming President Donald Trump.

The news comes as Democrats desperately attempt to flip the narrative against the president despite Democrat mayors and governors refusing Trump's offer to send in federal help.

“It’s so interesting to me to see Democrats who once ignored the violence, all of a sudden caring about it, but let's not forget what they said previously," McEnany said.

"Speaker Nancy Pelosi downplaying the violence rocking U.S. cities ignorantly saying ‘people will do what they do,’” McEnany said.

"Jerry Nadler, when asked about Antifa, he said that was a myth that’s being spread around Washington, D.C. It's not a myth," she added.

"In fact an Antifa individual took the life of an innocent Trump supporter in Portland. You have Rep. Ayanna Pressley saying that she wanted unrest in the street,” she said.

reporters asked mcenany about trump s position on victims  family  and businesses joining forces to sue democrat run cities © press
Reporters asked McEnany about Trump's position on victims, family, and businesses joining forces to sue Democrat-run cities

“Chris Cuomo saying, ‘show me where it says protesters are supposed to be peaceful.’," McEnany continued.

"I'll give you an idea, Chris; it's the Constitution.

"Don Lemon saying, 'The rioting has to stop. Chris, as you know, and I know it's showing up in the polls.'

"It’s showing up in the focus groups. It’s the only thing right now that's sticking,’” the press secretary said.

“So now all of a sudden 90 days later, I from this podium have talked about law and order.

"The president has talked about law and order repeatedly, but because the polling has shifted, now it's time for the Democrats to deny what they said previously, and all of a sudden focus on law and order," she added.

"I’ll leave you with this. That's like the arsonist blaming the firefighter,” she said.

Reporters asked McEnany about Trump's position on victims, family, and businesses joining forces to sue Democrat-run cities because of the riots.

Although the press secretary said she had not spoken to Trump “about that specifically," she added in those Democratic cities, "these numbers increase.”

“When you look at Portland, Seattle, Philadelphia, Minneapolis, Chicago, New York City, these have all seen anywhere from a 33% spike in the murder rate to a 277% increase in one month alone in New York City," she said.

mcenany s comments came a day after joe biden claimed supporters of president trump were  armed militia © press
McEnany's comments came a day after Joe Biden claimed supporters of President Trump were 'armed militia'

"It's appalling, and it is Democrat governors and mayors and lawlessness that they are allowing to prevail. When federal forces come in, the situation changes,” she said.

White House Correspondent Yamiche Alcindor from PBS Newshour highlighted Kellyanne Conway's comments noting the chaos in those cities would create a more clear choice for the public on law and order.

Alcindor asked if Trump was rooting for more violence because it "works in his political favor," as suggested by the Democrats.

“Absolutely not. He is not rooting for more violence in the slightest, and in fact, I would note that under his administration, we saw crime nationwide decrease in both 2017 and 2018 after rising the two previous years," McEnany said.

"We are encouraged that Operation LeGend is working. In Kansas City, violence has been cut by a third. In Indianapolis, we've gotten 49 guns off the streets in two weeks that were related to gun violence,” the press secretary added.

Asked on whether such violence helps Trump's re-lection McEnany said:

“No one wants to see the violence that we’ve seen in our cities where after two years of coming down under President Trump."

"In Portland, you have a 650 percent increase in murders. In Seattle, you had the first eight-month totals of murders almost surpassing the entire amount in 2019."

“This is because of the defund the police movement. This is because of the criticism of our police officers and the drawing down of funds for these officers," she added.

"No one wants to see this, which is why the president is fighting against that movement, and it’s why he's fighting for a robust Operation Legend response that’s proved successful so far,” she said.

“This White House believes police should be fully funded. We should have more police rather than less. We shouldn’t criticize our police officers, because it is our police officers who are responsible for taking to the streets and protecting us,” McEnany said.

“When they are called cancers by Congresswoman Ilhan Omar when they’re compared to the KKK by a current sitting vice presidential candidate, it's appalling," the press secretary continued.

"It's despicable. We should fund our police officers because they should be out patrolling the streets,” she said.

McEnany's comments came a day after Joe Biden claimed supporters of President Trump were "armed militia," blaming them for unrest and rioting in Democrat-run cities.

The former vice president claimed Trump "fomented" the unrest by encouraging his supporters to stir up disorder.

But Biden failed to clarify if he meant a small group of Trump supporters or the president's entire base.

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